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  1. revolver1010

    How to use Ext2 pedal to switch amp channels? - HX Effects

    OK, so this was totally user error - ME! I didn't set the Ext Amp2 to Tip. Derp. Yeah so it switches now. Still only switches to the channel, not back when disengaged but that appears to be cause of the design of my Bugera TriRec amp's external switching jacks. I'm almost 100% certain if I take a stereo to dual mono 1/4" cable and set the Ext Amp2 to T+R and connect the mono ends to channels 1 & 3 it should switch between the two. Cause the ring will still be wired to the tip of the second mono cable yes?
  2. revolver1010

    How to use Ext2 pedal to switch amp channels? - HX Effects

    So the reason why I was testing amp switching with the second jack was because my current amp will switch from clean to the distorted channel but not back to clean with a second press. I've tried every single combination of setting (momentary/latch, tip, ring, etc). It only ever changes the channel then won't change back. When I had a Mesa Triple Rec my Boss GT-10 would change the channel from clean to distorted channel 3 and back and forth each hit. Granted, this Bugera amp has three external switching inputs and includes a clean channel input when my Mesa did not. So I was wondering if I would have to either hookup to both output jacks or use a stereo to dual mono cable to be able to switch back and forth. Of course, if I have to use both jacks then I can't deal because I need one for volume/wah, but I was testing and got curious. Rev.
  3. revolver1010

    How to use Ext2 pedal to switch amp channels? - HX Effects

    Not sure if you're familiar with the HX Effects, but I did say in my initial post, "I went into global settings and set it to Amp2". For the HX Effects that setting is exactly that - Amp2, and I did indeed set it to Amp2. Still doesn't work. Rev.
  4. Can someone please explain to me how the heck to use expression pedal 2 to switch amp channels?? I can switch with ext1 no problems. I can use ext2 for expression pedal control no problem. I went into global settings and set it to Amp2 and still it never changes the amp channel. If I put the cable into jack 1 however it then swtiches. When assigning a control switch I notice the option for ext amp doesn't have a 1 or 2, just says ext amp, I'm guessing this has something to do with it? I've tried assigning jack one as expression in global settings and jack two as amp control but still the channel only switches when the cable is in jack one. What do I need to do to get jack 2 to work?? Rev.
  5. revolver1010

    Helix Native - now with added Linux!

    I'm a Linux guy too, but while it would be cool to use Linux for recording it requires a bunch of time investment using workarounds such as wrappers, alternate (non-optimized) audio drivers, and depending on your distro you might have to install the low latency kernel as well. So for now my setup is two PC's. My DAW is Windows 7, I don't keep it connected to the internet, don't keep Windows Update running, have it highly optimized for DAW use and that is all I use that machine for. For everything else (internet use, graphic/video editing/website editing, etc) I have my Ubuntu machine which is just as powerful as my DAW. So I get to enjoy my Linux fix and have no headaches or hoops to jump through when I need to work on my music. I am indeed looking forward to the day when all drivers and software are offered natively for Linux. Rev.
  6. revolver1010

    Is there a detailed description for the new reverbs somewhere?

    Thanks Revans for the descriptions! Definitely helps. And thanks to everyone else for the hilarious followup posts :D Definitely gave me a good laugh! Rev.
  7. So the new Helix reverbs: Glitz, Ganymede, Searchlights, Plateaux... is there some information sheet out there somewhere that lists details or differences between them? I mean, anyone can discern the difference between room, hall, plate, etc but how do we know with those names? And yes I can hear the difference but it would be nice to have some information on the verbs. Looked online but couldn't really find anything. Rev.
  8. revolver1010

    Tried demo - always hear dry track along with Helix

    Sorry to reply late, haven't been on here. No, it wasn't 2A being set to Host, it was set to none. I knew about the two paths. Nothing worked to shutoff the dry sound with the VST2 plugin. As mentioned, this is not an issue at all with the VST3 plugin, and so I am using the VST3 plugin. Could be something between the VST2 plugin and the older Cubase 6 version I am using, I don't know, but the VST2 plugin in my Cubase 6 always passed dry signal along as well and it does not happen with the VST3 version. Either way, I'm all set.
  9. revolver1010

    Tried demo - always hear dry track along with Helix

    OK, so it worked normally with the VST3 plugin. So it must be something just with the VST2 plugin.
  10. revolver1010

    Tried demo - always hear dry track along with Helix

    I haven't activated monitoring on the channel and direct monitoring is disabled. Only thing is I installed the VST2 plugin as opposed to VST3 - simply cause I prefer to place the plugins in specific categories and VST3 it's hard coded where they get placed. I'll try the VST3 in a bit and see if there's any difference. As mentioned though, I don't have this issue with any other plugin, be it guitar based or effect VST.
  11. What's the deal here? Just tested the demo and had a quite frustrating experience as I couldn't figure out how to make the sound fully 100% processed. Every patch I tried I heard the Helix patch along with the dry unprocessed sound. It's a mono track and the plugin is inserted. No issues with any other modeller (Amplitube, Guitar Rig, etc). How the heck do you get it to fully process the signal and why would it default to running the plugin like as if it's a parallel effect loop set to 50% mix??