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  1. I posted this suggestion for the upgrade to 6 snapshots available on the HX Effects if anyone wants to help up-vote it. https://line6.ideascale.com/a/dtd/HX-Effects-6-snapshot-upgrade/1008456-23508
  2. Phil's suggestion is what solved my issues, which sound like exactly what you are experiencing. Rev.
  3. During this Covid period I modded the amp myself successfully but took the amp to an actual Mesa authorized tech to look it over and correct anything I may have done wrong.They said I did a great job and they just cleaned up some solder connections a bit. The problem I am having is that if I have my HX Effects in the loop of the Rectifier, as soon as I go to connect a TRS to tip/ring cable from the external channel switching jacks on the Recto into my HX Effects the Rectifier bugs out! It produces a very loud buzz and hum if if there's a ground issue or something to that effect. Channel switching also does not work. However, if I take the HX Effects out of the Mesa's FX loop it then switches channels correctly. It's just that I can't have it in the loop AND also have it connected to the HX for external channel switching. I've tried everything, plugging the amp and HX into different outlets, tried every possible connection, tried with and without the Recto footswitch connected etc. The amp just will not tolerate both being connected in the loop and also having the external switching connected. Anyone come across this? Rev.
  4. You sir are a God among men!! It worked, thank you so much! Question, how come turning that off doesn't also disable the midi program change commands set for changing my amp channels? They still work (thank God), just curious. Rev.
  5. Hi guys, I've done some more testing and can use help from anyone that has a midi amp and can confirm this for me. First, today I factory reset my HX Effects but that did not fix this issue. Second, I thought the issue only affected the first 3 presets but scrolling through presets today I found this affects several other presets up to 6C 80's Craze. After that preset no other presets exhibit this behaviour. So here's the thing... when I switch to preset 6C it switches my amp to channel 3 and also engages the boost. In my amp manual that is midi program change command 013 (effectively 12 in the HX as it starts with program change 0 as 1). Going into Command Center there are no quick commands set, nor footswitch assignments etc. I cannot figure out where the hell these midi signals are coming from in these presets. Yet, if I copy over a blank preset to the 6C slot, switch off to another preset and reset my amp channel and turn off boost it still does the same thing when I switch back to 6C. So you see how detrimental this is as there are a number of presets I cannot use at all as changing to them switches to a channel I didn't set and, in this case, also switches on the boost. There has to be people on here with midi enabled amps. Can someone kindly connect the HX to their midi amp and go to preset 1A and let me know if your amp channels change each time you step on 1A? And also see what happens when you switch to preset 6C? I get this bizarre problematic behaviour with the following presets no matter whether I factor reset or load other clean exported presets into their slots: 1A, 1B, 1C, 3D, 4A, 6A, 6B, 6C. I'm on firmware 2.82.0 btw. Rev.
  6. Hi guys. I'm experiencing something truly strange and it's only happening on my first three presets (1A, 1B, 1C). I have my HX connected via midi to my Bugera TriRec footswitch. On the first three presets if I press on the footswitch for the preset a second time it changes channels even if there is only one channel change programmed. For example, I have a "Blank" patch where I only have a midi program change to recall channel 3 on my amp. If I switch to the preset and simply hit the footswitch a second time it switches to my clean channel. To make things more bizarre, if I then change to preset 1B which starts on the clean channel 1 it then calls up the preset but switches the amp to the distorted channel 3. Pressing on the footswitch of a preset a 2nd time seems to "flip" my channel selections. If I press it again to get it back to the correct channel then change to preset 1A or 1C it then correctly calls up the correct channel. And bizarrely, preset 1B keeps calling up Channel 2 when I don't have it programmed to use any channels but 1 and 3. I checked EVERY possible setting and nothing worked. I noticed patches past 1C don't exhibit this behaviour and I tried copying them over to 2A, 2B, and 2C and it works flawlessly. Additionally, stomping on a preset again does NOT change the amp channel . I've copied the correctly working patches over to slots 1A, 1B, and 1C and they still exhibit this odd behaviour. So, I'm just going to work from bank 2 and on. I'm just so damn perplexed why this odd behaviour is only happening on the first three presets. It also does it if I copy factory presets over to those slots and assign amp channel changes via midi program change. Rev.
  7. I'd like to submit a suggestion to increase the snapshot count to 6 on the HX Effects. I think it can easily be done and here's how. Yes I know there are 4 pedals assigned to the 4 snapshots with the BANK or PRESET or SNAPSHOT up/down footswitches on the lefthand side. However, I noticed that the TAP/TUNER footswitch does nothing when tapped, only when held (tuner mode). Perhaps it can be programmed to enter 6 snapshot display by tapping the TAP/TUNER footswitch. Then to change banks/presets etc just tap the TAP/TUNER switch again to display it. 4 snapshots is a bit harder to work with as one snapshot I always have assigned as completely clean (no effects), usually for my high gain rhythm parts. Luckily most of my songs I can easily make due as most don't have much effects at all. But those that do often have either different effects or different effects settings on different parts of the song so having two more snapshots would be amazing. Rev.
  8. Just curious to hear if anyone here is using a Helix family effects unit in their older Mesa Rectifier effects loop that has been modded to series. The multi-watt I ordered had horrible phasing so I returned it. I used to own an older Triple Rec and had the loop modded to series and it worked perfectly with my prior Boss GT units. So if the older model with modded loop works without any audibly phasing or anything with a Helix/HX effects unit I would love to know as I would consider buying a used Rectifier. Rev.
  9. Well I am now happy as hell!!! I finally got amp channel switching working on my Bugera TriRec with the HX Effects. My dumbass never realized the Bugera footswitch has a midi in!! I'm very well versed with midi having used it for over 20 years. I was on the train and just thought to look at the Bugera manual. One thing I found that was interesting was the channel switches are non-latching. I was able to get stomp control working with a TRS cable with momentary switching but still was unable to get instant commands working for switching when changing snapshots. Anyhoo, when looking at the manual earlier I saw the midi in so I hooked up a midi cable, setup the midi channel and program change numbers and bingo! EVERYTHING switches flawlessly - channels, boost on/off, etc. Rev.
  10. So I spoke to a Mesa tech today. His answer was all the things I mentioned (effects send changing the amp volume if adjusted when the loop is disengaged and the bleed from the gain channels) are normal. His answer as to why I was getting phasing with the HX Effects was "Some units work better with some amps than others". Yeah. Well my HX Effects works flawlessly in the loop of my Bugera TriRec. Whatev's, it's already in FedEx's hands. Rev.
  11. Check the title of this thread... I said I set it to off and it doesn't turn them off when inactive. It only made the stomps fully off when inactive. So you're telling me that if you set a color for your Snapshot, say green on Snapshot 2, and you then activate Snapshot 1 on your unit the LED ring for Snapshot two fully turns off? Cause it doesn't on mine unless I leave the color set to automatic - and on automatic it assigns red to every snapshot. I can live with it being red on each Snapshot but *it would be nice* if I could set all my Snapshots that are clean channel to green and all those distorted to red and have the light fully off when inactive. Does seem like an oversight by Line 6. Rev.
  12. Have you tried using dual amps? That's what I do. Not sure if the stomp does dual, and if it does you'll run out of dsp pretty darn quick, but for Helix Native I use a Line 6 Epic amp alongside a Mesa Dual Rec. Sounds awesome. I'm using an Ownhammer IR that is a Mesa/Diezel V30 blend. Rev.
  13. I've turned off the LED ring in the global settings and it now makes inactive "stomps" no longer lit but for snapshots any one that I assign a color to manually still lights dim when inactive. I want it OFF! It can be confusing seeing a lit ring even though it's dim when it's not in use. Is there some way to fix this? When using automatic it sets all snapshot footswitches to Red but fully turns off the LED when a snapshotis not selected. So I'd imagine there has to be a way. Rev.
  14. So it seems I spent 15 minutes or so typing a reply and lost it. Well, not going to retype everything that was lost now, but point was yeah I had the old model as mentioned. I had it modded to series and it was fine. This new loop isn't truly series as Mesa touts it's only series on the clean channel, I've don't extensive testing that proves it. Either way this POS is on the way back to Sweetwater. Mesa really dropped the ball on this version. Rev.
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