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  1. Duly noted. " if I'm troubleshooting, I might be able to remove it". :)
  2. Thank you for the detailed reply. I'll leave it installed but now I know if I'm troubleshooting, I can remove it.
  3. Installed HX Stomp Edit and drivers. I now have ASIO Helix and ASIO HX Stomp. Do I need both?
  4. Thank you for the clarification. So Drive = preamp input, Master = power amp input, and Ch Vol = Amp output level/volume.
  5. I am having trouble understanding some of the parameters in HX Edit for amps. All amp models have Drive, Ch Vol and Master. Drive : is this preamp distortion (Input volume)? Master : is this power amp distortion (output volume)? Ch Vol : What is this? Is this to allow both preamp and power amp distortions together?
  6. As promised to report back in my last post. I finally put 7s on my JTV59 and couldn't be happier. There is some volume decrease but a slight fader increase and to me, it sounds just as good as the 10s through my DAW with h/ps. update I finally gave in and put 12's on. Much better tone
  7. okay... thanks... I will give my .007's a try and report back
  8. would make playing sitting down much easier ... oh well, still enjoyable to play
  9. thanks... no sign of one by googling but thought I would ask... would even settle on a right angle adapter at guitar jack...
  10. I primarily got the JTV59 for the acoustics but having gone through all models with all positions last night, I must say even the electrics blew me away - using various models in my Amp vst on these Variax guitar models surprised the hell out of me - they sound so good using 10's, I'm now not in a huge rush to try 9's...although I will try them out eventually.
  11. Thank you for the quick response... I just changed to a new set of 10's so will keep them on for a month or so but I will try 9's next. Exactly the advice I needed.
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