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  1. Thank you for the clarification. So Drive = preamp input, Master = power amp input, and Ch Vol = Amp output level/volume.
  2. I am having trouble understanding some of the parameters in HX Edit for amps. All amp models have Drive, Ch Vol and Master. Drive : is this preamp distortion (Input volume)? Master : is this power amp distortion (output volume)? Ch Vol : What is this? Is this to allow both preamp and power amp distortions together?
  3. As promised to report back in my last post. I finally put 7s on my JTV59 and couldn't be happier. There is some volume decrease but a slight fader increase and to me, it sounds just as good as the 10s through my DAW with h/ps. update I finally gave in and put 12's on. Much better tone
  4. okay... thanks... I will give my .007's a try and report back
  5. would make playing sitting down much easier ... oh well, still enjoyable to play
  6. thanks... no sign of one by googling but thought I would ask... would even settle on a right angle adapter at guitar jack...
  7. I primarily got the JTV59 for the acoustics but having gone through all models with all positions last night, I must say even the electrics blew me away - using various models in my Amp vst on these Variax guitar models surprised the hell out of me - they sound so good using 10's, I'm now not in a huge rush to try 9's...although I will try them out eventually.
  8. Thank you for the quick response... I just changed to a new set of 10's so will keep them on for a month or so but I will try 9's next. Exactly the advice I needed.
  9. I know the JTV59 comes with 10's and I understand the piezo's involvement. But has anyone had success for the modeling with lighter strings - say 8's (I use Dunlop 7's on my other guitars) As I just received a used JTV59, I don't want to go too much off the rails as I'm testing, but would like to know for the future.
  10. Is there a Feature Request for this? I actually assumed there was a Nylon model.
  11. Bought a few of Glenn DeLaune's packs, some of which contain his own IR's, which are great. (I sold my Fractal in favor of Helix Native and couldn't be happier, especially with these new packs.)
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