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  1. Two things: .011" gauge strings with a wound G. Play with the flesh of your fingers and thumb.
  2. cbeattyjr

    FBV Express MKII with Spider V

    Thanks kblackley. I ended up getting the previous model shortboard on Reverb for $70.00 shipped. Works fine.
  3. Same question here. Seems like Line 6 should be able answer easily.
  4. cbeattyjr

    FBV Express MKII with Spider V

    Nobody? Seems like an easy question for someone from Line 6.
  5. cbeattyjr

    FBV Express MKII with Spider V

    Can the FBV Express MKII be used to select individual effects within a patch on the Spider V? If so - how difficult is it to implement? Much obliged.
  6. cbeattyjr

    Variax/Helix - Acoustic Models Setup

    I have the JTV-59. But I think the guts are the same so I'll offer my experience. I think you can get the best sound by bypassing outboard effects (except maybe slight compression) and going DI into a mixer. Of course, my other secret is to use .011" strings with a wound G. Makes a big difference.
  7. Actually, I think all piezo-equipped acoustic guitars sound better played finger style.
  8. I get very good comments when I play my JTV-59 (Martin setting) straight into the PA using only a direct box. I'm talking about songwriter nights where other guys play high-end Martins into Shure SM-57 mics. I've tried various HD-500 settings of compression and EQ and can't beat the direct sound. Two things to think about: 1. I use .011 gauge strings with a wound G. 2. I play with my fingers and thumb.
  9. cbeattyjr

    Everything sounds like a Banjo....

    Actually - that movie was set in Georgia!
  10. cbeattyjr

    Thinking about selling my UX2

    Thanks again Silverhead. You answered my question. I use Pod Farm every week, but haven't used the UX2 in years. So I'm good to go.
  11. cbeattyjr

    Thinking about selling my UX2

    Thanks Silverhead. I do think I have a separate license for Pod Farm 2 as follows. Am I correct? This software should appear in all your Authorized devices that support the add-on. Bass Expansion Collector Classics FX Junkie POD Farm 2
  12. I considering selling my UX2. I'm wondering how to list. What, if any, version of Pod Farm will be available to the next owner? Thanks in advance.
  13. cbeattyjr


    Has anyone had any luck with a straight Male 1/4 TS to Female 1/4 TS adaptor? I can't find one. I have the right angle version, but it doesn't fit well on my Godin Session Custom '59.
  14. cbeattyjr

    Spider V 240 vs. FireHawk ??

    Cool. I bought the Spider V 60 as my home and extremely small gig amp just for the G10T feature. And then I'm thinking about getting the FBV-3 controller, while I'm at it. So the obvious next step would be the Spider V 240 or Firehawk 1500 for my big boy amp (to replace my Fender Mustang III V2).
  15. cbeattyjr

    Spider V 240 vs. FireHawk ??

    That is confusing. It would seem that you would also need the base to connect the output to the input of the Firehawk - just like any other amp.