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  1. Does anyone know of a step-by-step guide for setting up the Midi Commander with HX Stomp? Seems like the manufacturer has a template for every other product except Line 6. Thanks in advance.
  2. I forgot to mention that I use a G10 wireless - so the VDI port is not used.
  3. BTW. I had a Headrush for a while that liked very much - especially the touch screen. But since I use Variax 59/69 and Powercab I decided to stick with Line 6. It's the level of support and literacy of this forum that keep me coming back since the original POD bean and AX2.
  4. Many good comments. It is the footprint of the Helix that concerns me - even at waist level. But I do like having all the switches. So I do like the idea of a Rack/Controller trade!
  5. I had a lightbulb moment that a FBV-3 foot controller would work with HX Stomp Then I researched and remembered that it uses an ethernet connector. Oh well.
  6. cbeattyjr

    Samba Pa Ti Amp

    That's one of my favorite guitar performances of all time. They were pretty young when they laid it down!
  7. Good input from all. Thanks!
  8. I have a Helix Floor Special Edition Floor that I push into a PowerCab Plus. So far so good. It's a great rig for blues and Americana that I play. With the Helix I really like the scribble strips and HX Edit, etc. i also use Helix Native extensively. My "problem" is that I use one preset for just about everything - Alex Strabala Americana. The only thing I changed is replaced the chorus with a weeper wah (Moog Expression Pedal). Otherwise, it's POT and TS808 Overdrive; two levels of amp gain; two levels of tremolo; two levels of reverb; tap delay; into a Grammatico amp. The preset does use all of the switches. I love it. I also should mention that I don't put the unit on the floor. I keep it at waist level with my PA mixer. So I'm obviously not using the Helix to anywhere near its full extent. I'm wondering if a HX Stomp would suit me better with a midi-controller. I would keep the Stomp at waist level with the midi controller and expression pedal on the floor. What midi controller is easiest to set up? Preferably with scribble strips. Any thoughts will be greatly appreciated. Peace.
  9. All guitars are Variax JTV-59 through Line 6 Helix Native, including acoustic. Keys and drums are Toontrack EzKeys and Ez Drummer. Recorded in Mixcraft. Mastered in Izotope Ozone. Peace. https://youtu.be/p-uLkGY3AAI
  10. I noticed on British Audio's website that they have a tortoise shell pickguard for the JTV-69. I think that would look really cool on my black JTV-69. My question - is swapping out the pickguard something a regular local pro technician can do routinely? Any advice or comment will be appreciated. Thanks
  11. Update. Got the knob from British Audio today. Fits perfectly. Kudos to PierM and British Audio!
  12. Thanks PierM. I've ordered from British Audio as you suggested. I'll report back regarding fit.
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