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  1. Thanks for your answer. I want to take a closer look.
  2. Hello everybody, apparently I am too confused to understand how to use the software Helix Native. It is said that the sound is the same as the Helix Floorboard. I'm playing a Music Man Luke II owning an apollo|twin and a Mac mini and using Logic Pro X. I've read before that the Hi-Z input isn't supposed to be that great. Now to my problem, first I hear the sound of the guitar without any effect in the background, so it seems that it only works via reamp. But much worse than that is that I can't get a decent sound. With my apollo|twin I also have the possibility to play a virtual amp like Fender 55 Tweet, Marshall Alexi and Super Lead as well as Friedman Amps. The sound here is much better. Also in Logic if I have the naked guitar not in the background but in Helix Native it is like that. Can someone help me and maybe explain to me what I'm doing wrong? I am quite aware that the sound on Youtube videos is not so easy to expect at home. But it must be possible to get a reasonable sound that is usable. Even Guitar Rig sounds much better than Helix Native. And if I really buy the software then $399 for an unusable sound is gone. Please help me get it done. Thanks
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