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  1. showing ver 1.11 in the "About Helix" info box but the actual Helix Editor screen still shows ver 1.10 I assume I'm good?
  2. Thx, will be check'n these out..
  3. +1... that is my goto acoustic amp I own the 60w and the 180w versions.
  4. I really do need to take the time and go check those out, it's been crazy busy here since I've received my Helix. Any specific suggestions on what current Helix amp models work well, and with what free IRs for acoustic guitar? Thx Peter..
  5. agree, a few nicely done warm acoustic IRs would be appreciated by a large percent of working musicians..
  6. Looking forward to that, thanks for the heads up!
  7. you can load 128 at a time onto the Helix, audition those "on the fly" within any patch. if you find one you like you can save it to your current patch (and any other patch later) and that reduces your available slots for different IRs to 127. rinse and repeat. it's not quick. hopefully the software editor will provide a method to run through all the IRs within your current patch, via your hard drive, edit/tweak, then move the IR onto the Helix. a good example of such software (plugin) is the Torpedo Wall of Sound III.
  8. Loaded OSX 10.11.4 yesterday and I'm now able to run USB 8 in 8 out through Logic Pro X with the Helix, as advertised ðŸ‘
  9. already have 2 Mission Line 6 pedals.. used on my M13
  10. Out of the box my pedal was noisy and tight too. I found that the adjustment is very course and micro amounts of turning on the hex bolt go a long way (most likely course threads on the bolt?). I went ahead and went a bit over loose (floppy pedal) and VERY SLOWLY worked my way back to the tension I wanted. I have it where I want it now and the noise is a bit better. I'm gonna leave it alone and see how it goes. Live playing it's not an issue - but in the studio, running direct, it might become one?
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