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  1. tochiro

    G10 Firmware Update Failure

    This morning I tried again and Updater could download 2 updates (1.03 and 1.04) for the receiver that were successfully applied. There was nothing for the transmitter though. I will see if that solves my problem.
  2. Hi, Using the latest Updater software I get a failure status if I want to update my G10. My G10 (transmiter + receiver) is connected to my Windows 7 PC, I download the firmware update (G10Tx_1_4.wuf) and loads it into Updater but it does not work. How come? Thank you. Cheers
  3. tochiro

    Ground Hum/Buzz when using Helix 4CM

    I have this problem with my Friedman Runt - Hum when I use the Helix Ext Amp ouput (other than that 4CM is working normally). If I understand well the Helix Ext Amp output Is TRS and the Channel switching input on the Friedman is TS since the cable Friedman provided to that effect is TS on both sides. Please note the Friedman Runt is a 2 channel amp. What's the connection logic technically between the tip, the ring and the sleeve? I need to understand this to know what to do. Thank you.
  4. tochiro

    Changing between presets and snapshots

    Thank you all for explaining.
  5. Hi, I have various presets for various songs I play live and in each song I have different snapshots. My Helix is setup for 8 snapshots. I am not sure I understand how to quickly change presets live and immediately have the various snapshots ready under my foot. What's the quickest way? Thank you. Cheers
  6. Hi, I plan to download it for Helix but is it compatible? Thank you. Cheers
  7. Ok thank you. So the tuner would not work with my setting.
  8. Hi, I plan to plug my acoustic guitar to the Return of one loop of the Helix LT and send the Sends of the 2 loops in stereo to the mixing desk. Problem - Apparently the tuner does not work with this setup. Can you please confirm? Thank you. Cheers
  9. tochiro

    Helix LT - Snapshot Screen

    Hi, I see a Preset or Pedal screen in all videos that can be used to replace the scribble strips of the "big" Helix. But is there a snapshot screen on the LT I can use in the same way? Thank you. Cheers
  10. tochiro

    3 questions about Helix LT

    Thank you to all the posters.
  11. tochiro

    3 questions about Helix LT

    Thank you. I think I might shave the rubber. I press very heavily but nothing happens. Should I hear some sort of clicking noise?
  12. tochiro

    3 questions about Helix LT

    Why do you say "should"? Thank you.
  13. tochiro

    3 questions about Helix LT

    If there's a switch it does not work however hard I press on the pedal. That's weird because I bought my HD500X new and have never used that switch. The Wah is working but there's no way to activate/deactivate it with a toe switch.
  14. tochiro

    3 questions about Helix LT

    Hi, I've had an HD500X for a few years and I use it live with my electric and acoustic guitars. My electric guitar is plugged in the Guitar In input and I use the XLR Outs. My acoustic guitar is plugged in the Aux input and it outputs through the FX Send. Can I do something similar with the Helix LT since there's no Aux input? One thing I do not like on the HD500X (a good unit nonetheless!) is that there's no switch under the Wah pedal, i.e. I have to assign the Wah to a foot switch, press it and put my foot on the wah and that is not convenient for me. Is there a switch under the Wah pedal to activate/deactivate it on the Helix LT? When I use my HD500X between my amp and my guitar it changes the sound of the amp (more treble, less body) whatever the setting I choose on the HD500X (studio direct, front of amp, etc.). Is it the same with the Helix LT? Or is the LT completely transparent? Are there specific IRs included in the LT for acoustic guitar? Thank you! Cheers
  15. tochiro

    My G10 also not charging

    It's not a question of "majority" and we both don't know the number of defective G10s. It's a question of quality and reliability. The online shop I bought my 2 G10s from told me they had only problems with it and they even suggested I should not buy a third one. You can read on the Web many users complaining. I already bought other L6 products (HD500, HD500X, SoudScape system, etc.) and they have a good value but the G10 does not fall in this category. It's an excellent design idea but the product is not ready.