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  1. It's like my transmitters battery is completely dead. I've only had this for a little over 1 year. Great when it worked but now it's just worthless.
  2. without the transmitter the base has a slow while pulse. Insert the transmitter into the base and the base does a quick red pulse. The transmitter does noting. No lights at all. No matter how long I keep the transmitter plugged into the base it doesn't seem to help. There is noting transmitted when plugged into any guitar. I've used many different adapters and also left the transmitter plugged into a guitar to try and deplete all charge to start a new fresh charge. Noting seems to make the transmitter light up green, red white etc. Also when I try and update the firmware the updater shows there are no updates even though I'm at V1.0. I've downloaded V1.3 and V1.4 and the installer will not update my G10. Anyone else have this happen?
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