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  1. Thanks dc. Appreciate you taking the time to respond. Will go straight to the latest version.
  2. I have a Helix with Version 1.10.00 firmware that I want to update. Can I go straight to the latest version (2.8 I believe) without any intermediate steps or upgrades?
  3. And here I am 2 years later in that exact position. Appreciate everyone commenting on the subject and the OP thread. Some of us out here are newbs and just trying to learn. Was looking at Rokits, Yamahas, JBLs, etc. Maybe I will give it a shot through my little Vox AC4 first to see if I really need "FRFR". Personal playing, won't ever leave the house.
  4. Don't know if this helps but I had the same problem and someone suggested that I get an Apple Digital AV Multiport Adapter, Lightning connector. It has a pass through USB which uses the lightning port rather than the problem onboard USB. Did so and it worked for me. At a cost of $99 at my local Apple store but..it works. I would bet that a cheaper version would work just as well. Hopefully this will all end with the update coming shortly.
  5. Slightly less awed as I just spent $100 on the Apple mini display adapter with the pass through USB port to "fix" my mid 2012 MBP Retina....may be able to return it though as it has only been a week.
  6. Since you can't get it to install have you tried rebooting while holding down the appropriate foot switches to reset it to factory state? Do that or keep trying to get your "update" to finish and go from there. I have not heard that it is necessary to go through all the updates in order to get to the latest one. Get Helix working again and then install the latest update. For sure you didn't have to go backwards before going forward. I don't know the effect of installing an earlier version but imagine it just makes your update a longer process for no real reason.
  7. OK, I've asked some D-U-M-B questions online before but this may be a new high..or low... The Helix plastic film protectors, took off the one on the screen. Took off the two longs one covering the scribble strips. Is there on on the Expression Pedal screen? It looks like it...maybe..can't get a corner up and don't want to use anything to dig it up as if there isn't one then I am just scratching the hard plastic. Does it come stock with a plastic scratch protector? Hey, I TOLD you it was dumb....
  8. Matias - I had the same issue yesterday. See my thread on "Hating Line 6 Updates". Probably not the greatest thread title because the issue may be mine and not Line 6's but..not sure....it is frustrating to buy a new piece of equipment only to have it drop into a coma when you try to update. Anyway, as you can see from my thread I tried just about everything and finally used my Win10 laptop to successfully complete the upgrade. It MAY have been my USB cable but not sure. It is working now, at least the Helix unit itself. Haven't had time to try the Helix app again but I do have a working unit. Ordered a new USB cable and will try it tomorrow. If you come up with some other solution I would appreciate you sharing it as this is the second straight Line 6 board I have had the same issue with. Hard to believe it is the cable and may be something coming from my MacBook Pro. Not sure....
  9. Tried the update from my WIn10 laptop. Went further through the update and got a successful update screen in Updater. However, Helix stopped while updating presets and gave me the Failed Update/Reboot and Try Again message. When I rebooted Helix it showed the new version numbers but then went to the "Try Again" message. Did so and ran the update again and it seems to have completed the installation. Happy happy joy joy! Moved the USB back over to my Mac and the updater sees it fine but I started up the Helix app and it was good for 15 seconds or so and then grayed out on me with a message saying it can't detect the unit. Reinstalled and getting the same thing...the only thing I can think of is maybe a bad USB cable which is going in and out of communication maybe? Could be my entire issue?
  10. Thanks. So is this driver, the one I mentioned, the correct version for my Mac?
  11. Thanks. When I search for the latest Line 6 driver I see Version 7.5.7, Released 11/23/15. However, it doesn't list Helix in the list of compatible devices. Is this the correct driver to install? Does it come bundled with the Updater or the Helix 1.06.5 update package? Should I install separately?
  12. Nope, no cloud anything and no virus software....
  13. One more question, I have a Windows 10 laptop. If my Mac can't handle the update is it ok to use the Windows laptop only for the update install and then go back to using the Mac? Now that I think about it I may have done that with the HD500X.....
  14. Went in and removed everything Line 6 I could find including Library files. Going to start again but I want to make sure of one thing. Where in the install process should I turn on the Helix? Should it be off or unplugged from USB when I download and install and then turn it on after I install? Does it matter? Also, I have Guitar Rig and Amplitube installed as well. Didn't remove them but will if anyone thinks something could be going on there?
  15. No problem and I do appreciate you posting. Just frustrated!!!
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