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  1. This coming February I will have owned my Helix 5 years, in that time my Mac OS has updated every year (Yosemite to Catalina), including a multitude of interim patch fixes. Big Sur is the first time I have had to roll back to the previous OS due to HX incompatibility - or any reason for that matter. That speaks well of Apple and L6 in my humble opinion. I don't see a pattern with L6 that indicates they just sit on their hands waiting for the final release of operating systems. Maybe?!? But, if that's their method of operation, they've been extremely lucky.
  2. Sorry, I was editing my post while you were responding. I doubt they all waited until the release? The link above confirms to me a more complex issue is going on rather than mass incompetence of the audio industry.
  3. Yep, and I expect the Public Beta date is when these companies started working towards compatibility?
  4. It’s not something I track but Big Sur was released in September and it’s almost now December, that seems a bit long in terms of catching up regarding this many manufacturers?
  5. Not say'n you're wrong but looks like virtually every audio manufacturer is stalled regarding Big Sur, so obviously..well it's just obvious.
  6. https://www.sweetwater.com/sweetcare/articles/macos-11-big-sur-compatibility-guide/#macOS-11-Big-Sur-Compatibility-List Yea, me too, but after looking at the recent list of audio companies that still have NOT been able to resolve Big Sur compatibility issues - and it's a long damn list - I decided to bounce back to Catalina to get fully on board with HX 3.0.
  7. surfsup1955

    Big Sur

    Seriously! Right now I'm reluctantly considering rolling back my OS. I definitely underestimated Big Sur's impact.
  8. surfsup1955

    Big Sur

    Up-to-date list of audio gear manufacturers who are not yet supporting Big Sur, it's a long damn list.. https://www.sweetwater.com/sweetcare/articles/macos-11-big-sur-compatibility-guide/#macOS-11-Big-Sur-Compatibility-List
  9. I used HX Updater on my floor unit for 3.0 only because the HX Editor will not update inside Big Sur OS. It worked fine.
  10. Maybe - but either way they're dead in the water. They now own a brand new $1700 L6 product they can't update or edit as advertised. My experience with L6 is; they won't let that scenario go unresolved for very long..
  11. Agree, both the new versions of Garage Band and Logic Pro X gained wanted goodies with the new OS so I went ahead with Big Sur.
  12. surfsup1955

    Big Sur

    Big Sur is a huge update, so we all expected issues. Regarding Helix and MacOS compatibility issues, this is the first time the OS refused to allow a forced install. Wasn't expecting that!?
  13. I speculate there are new Helix owners coming on board every day. Lot's of them use Mac OS and IOS DAW products and have been running Big Sur and have move into the latest's versions of those DAWs respectively. L6 will want to get those folks healed asap. As far as ver 3.0 goes, like all L6 updates, it'll come out when it comes out and the incompatibility issues will get fixed via parallel efforts.
  14. That’s not a great idea for L6, since the Big Sur folks wouldn’t be able to upgrade to the new Helix version. At the moment L6 Editor and the Updater are locked out by Big Sur so any new Helix version would be unobtainable.
  15. Thanks, I was not aware of that.
  16. That would be found in System Preferences > Safety and Security > General
  17. I'm not pointing fingers either way. Both Apple and Line 6 have good products and constant challenges to evolve, however the onus is on Line 6 to make this happen for us here in our little Helix world. In the almost 4 years of ownership, they haven't failed us yet. In the mean time, it's a good time to brush up on using the Helix's knobs and buttons again.
  18. Big Sur will not allow the Helix Editor to be reinstalled, thinks it's malicious software.
  19. Upgraded to Big Sur today and yep, the Helix Editor is lagging, perfectly functional just slow. I unplugged and replugged all USB devices to no avail, might try reinstalling the editor but doubt that'll fix it. No way is this a hardware issue in the Helix so no need to reset it. I suggest lowering caffeine intake while playing with patches until further notice.
  20. Ah, ok..I've often wondered how useful having a piezo on a solid body electric would be - however having one on a hollowbody certainly makes more sense.
  21. That's certainly a different approach, look forward to hearing your results - might try building one myself later today? What do you mean by "1 regular mags"?
  22. Good question. The level setting you're seeing and referring to is the default level setting of the IR block which Line 6 designed to load your 3rd party IRs. It is set to -18db no matter which brand or type of IR you select. I assume the other modeling units (Kemper, AxeFX, etc) that provide IR support are set the same?
  23. Interesting, how are you driving the volume for those patches, outboard DI or 'active' guitar preamp?
  24. Definitely. I run my acoustic preset IR mix at about 80% to pass through a bit of string dynamics. I use 3 Sigma Acoustic IRs and I actually have the IR level at about -3db which is driven by K&K Pure Mini under saddle pickups > Gain Block > Studio Mic Pre > IR. I found cranking the Studio Pre up too much can get harsh. After what I've learned this week, I may go back and try retweaking it too..
  25. Thanks and good point. Yep, I have messed with the mix just for grins but am definitely running at 100%
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