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  1. Hello, I have been purchasing and downloading HELIX presets and importing them into Helix Native. I know each of these preset patches have several snapshots but when I scroll through the snapshots, they do not change. I want to audition all the snapshots in the patch but can never hear any then the initial one that loads. And This is with EVERY patch I ever download. Is it possible that these snapshots only work if I have the HELIX floor. I want to pick the preset snapshot I need, scale it down to 8 blocks and transfer it to my Stomp. This is simple to do but I need to hear the snapshot settings first. Any ideas? Thanks G
  2. Hey Mark, That is a great idea but you can't really tweak the IR the way you would like to. What I did was... I have sampled acoustics strumming from various sources. I have a great one from my Native Instruments Acoustic library. So I captured that eq. My acoustic has a Lyric Mic and a K&K pickup. I went with the LR Baggs Lyric and I recorded the same strum pattern into pro tools and copied the eq settings from OZONE to the track and was floored. It was almost identical. Now the trick was to get that eq into the helix. Ozone used an 8 band EQ to match this sample, which I don't have in the helix. So there was a lot of experimenting and A lot of guessing, since I only have a 3 band parametic eq in the Stomp. I had to use 3 separate parametric eq's. One for the low frequencies. One for the Mid's and One for the Highs. Anyway my point was that for electric Guitar and lead guitar the Helix is great but they need to make improvements to make the unit a really good Acoustic Preamp. They could do it, but probably don't feel it's worth it. G
  3. Hello all, I am finally able to get the acoustic guitar sound I want when I record my Martin into Pro Tools and use EQ Match in OZONE advanced, using a reference recording. the problem is when I attempt to transfer those settings into HX EDIT to copy to my HX Stomp, for my live gig, I am having difficulty matching the eq settings. # Bands are not enough. It would be more precise and quicker if the next upgrade to HX edit had a contemporary WAVEFORM 6 Band Parametric EQ, not the old school 3 band parametric it has now. I have to use 2 of them and I end up just guessing and I guessing wrong. Has anyone tried this and do you have a workaround?? Thanks all G
  4. Got that right. Maybe this is a good heads up for anyone having issues like this. Just discovered, If you are using your HX stomp or Helix as your DAW interface. And you have a graphics card capable of split monitoring. You cannot have HX EDIT on a different screen than the DAW that is using a Line 6 peripheral device as it's audio interface. And if you are using HX NATIVE in your DAW as a plug in with HX EDIT open on a different screen.....All hell breaks loose. Line 6 is looking into it now and hopefully getting back to me tomorrow. .... Who knew? G
  5. Uggh, I just restarted my computer and was all set up to record a few bars through my stereo looper and post the results with the problem and now it's working fine. I apologize. Two months ago I put a new graphics card in my computer and my line 6 software has been acting up ever since. First of all when I boot up HX Edit it only boots up 50% of the time otherwise it says "no device connected" and I have to restart. I cannot drag presets between Helix native and Helix edit whatsoever and I can't drag presets from my desktop into Helix native. It's just a hole smorgasbord of issues. I have been driving everyone on this forum crazy because whenever I created a preset in HX Native and copied it to HX edit I knew it wasn't accurate. But that appears to be all on me. LINE 6 had requested yesterday I send them some system 32 information, they believe my graphics card is causing all these problems. I have done as many backups and global resets as possible everything had been updated and was current at least three times so I'm sure it's gotta be something with this new graphics card. My apologies. G
  6. I JUST learned that if you have a split Y and you have let's say just one simple EQ block on both paths Path. If you bypass that Block you no longer have a split Y working. i have a dual source acoustic Mic Left and Pickup right. I have just one simple eq on each path. When I bypassed the eq on Pickup panned hard right, the sound disappeared on the right side. Thanks, sorry false alarm. G
  7. Thanks for that. I just needed to be sure. I'm mixing my acoustic with dual outputs into backing tracks that I need to use live with my HX STOMP and wanted to be sure. G
  8. Hi , Does anyone know why sometimes in order to have a split 'Y" panned left and right panning correctly, In some presets, If I pan hard opposite, meaning my left input I pan all the way right, it disappears unless I put a mono volume block on it?? Thank you gerryc
  9. Hi , Hi I THINK I GOT IT! And RIZZ you were right about raising the level, in PRO TOOLS it is +4db but only if I go back into my STOMP through USB 5-6, the levels do not need to raised if I go back out output 1-2 I did what codamedia recommended. I will try to be clear how I did what I did. I recorded my guitar to 3 destinations simultaneously. The HX STOMP has an EMPTY preset except for a stereo LOOPER I recorded a single note repeating for 8 bars into. 1. The stereo looper 2. THE processed output from the STOMP into PRO TOOLS 1-2 2. The DRY TRACK output from the the HX STOMP into PRO TOOLS 5-6 The level were all the same going in and PRO TOOLS recorded the same levels. Sonically it was spot on. Now here is where it changes. When I go back into the STOMP through inputs 1-2 my level IS THE SAME as the LOOPER. BUT When I go back into the STOMP through USB 5-6 I am -4db lower than the looper which is still playing for the past hour by the way . LOL. OBSERVATION: If I want to go BACK into the STOMP at the same level as my guitar going in, I need to come back out CHANNEL 1-2 , OR boost the output 5-6 up +4db in Pro Tools. Rizzy I seen you recoomend +6db for Cubase but that is definitely louder than I need. Going by WLM LOUDNESS METER. IT Is -4db in PRO TOOLS 12. So going up +4 would do it. NOW for NATIVE. The output levels are the same in NATIVE on a blank preset as a recorded track without NATIVE. Which is good. I do not have to touch my input gain at all and my levels are even. But if I come out of NATIVE Native into the STOMP using output 5-6 , the level is down -4db. So the big discrepancy is not the level going into NATIVE, it was the fact that I was coming back into my STOMP through USB 5-6 and THAT level going back into my HX STOMP was -4db lower going into the same preset. From what I see, it is not necessary to boost the input going into NATIVE +6db. or in NATIVE's input gain. If there were meters in HX EDIT as in NATIVE we would all know for sure. But that is my feeling. So I do not have to raise my input going into NATIVE to get the same sound. I need to RAISE my output going back through 5-6 or not use 5-6 and use output 1-2. BUT I am going set my PRO TOOLS SESSIONS to play back on another output if I have to 5-6 output and send my guitar tracks out 1-2 to play the same preset on NATIVE and on the STOMP itself. Hope I am right. But I think I am. Thank you Gerry C
  10. Do you have any information on this? If I record a loop into my HX STOMP while simultaneously recording into my DAW through bus 5. If I spent time creating a preset in HX EDIT while listening to my looper... then save the preset. Then launch HX NATIVE and import the preset I just made in HX EDIT. Will the results be the same? Meaning will the two presets be processed the same.? I am trying to figure this out along with some others on the forum.
  11. HI, I sent Line 6 Tech support a response on this, waiting for a reply. I will post their reply as soon as I get it and put this to bed. Raising levels and making the required adjustments into NATIVE is fine if you are recording into your DAW, and and not concerned with that same guitar preset playing and sounding the same on your HELIX or HX STOMP afterwards. But for me these presets are being designed for an acoustic gig and I have to deal with serious feedback issues, so the presets need to be accurate. If the circuitry of HX NATIVE is supposed to be "Identical" ( which Line 6 claims it is) to the circuitry in the HELIX or HX STOMP then if you record thru your USB output into your DAW then that is supposed to be the actual level of your guitar that was going into your floor unit. So you shouldn't touch the levels going into HELIX NATIVE. If you record your guitar into your audio interface and raise the input level +6db (arbitrary number) because that is what NATIVE requires to match the circuitry of the floor units before you begin creating a guitar preset, then in order for that SAME PRESET to mirror in the HELIX or HX STOMP, rather than plugging your guitar directly into your HELIX or STOMP (the way they were designed) you would have to plug your guitar into a preamp FIRST and raise the level +6db first in order to have the preset match the preset you made in NATIVE.... It doesn't make any sense, and I can't find any confirmation to this fact. So basically when I play live I would have to boost my volume somehow before going into my HELIX because I had to raise my level +6db to create my preset in NATIVE?? So how do I replicate my guitar sound, I have to plug my 1/4" cable into something to boost it +6db first??? Sorry, I have a hard time wrapping my head around this one. OBVIOUSLY. LOL! I will post their reply ASAP Thanks
  12. So are you saying after I record through my STOMP thru USB 5 and 6 into Pro Tools. I need to raise those output levels of the tracks I just recorded +6db before going into HELIX NATIVE? Then when I save the preset back to the HX STOMP do I have to lower it again? Sorry but I wan to make sure I have this right. +6db is ALOT when you are dealing with compressors and effects on an acoustic guitar which is what I need NATIVE for. I guess I'll know if the compressor doesen't hit on one of them Crappy way of figuring something out. I can't find documentation on these compatibility hiccups anywhere. Thanks G
  13. Hi all, I need confirmation on something before I get too deep. I am getting all my sounds ready for a 6 month cruise gig which is an acoustic guitar gig. I will be utilizing my HX STOMP and on Stage I will be plugging into my Martin which is set up for dual sources. HX Stomp Left (K&K pure mini pickup) Right (LR BAGGS LYRIC MIC) The levels that are going into my STOMP are the levels coming out of my guitar and this will not change. I want to record what is coming out of my guitar thru my STOMP out of USB 5 and 6 into PRO Tools input 5 and 6. I intend on mixing my acoustic with the backing tracks in Pro Tools to get my guitar sounds and levels spot on with HELIX NATIVE. I plan on taking time getting my acoustic and snapshots for each tune dialed in and sounding great. To do this I will do some IR blending, EQ. panning with some verb and save my preset back to my STOMP. NOW THIS is where I am concerned. Does anyone know FOR SURE if the levels that I recorded through my HX STOMP out of USB 5 and 6 into Pro Tools 5 and 6 will be at the correct volume going into Helix Native?? Or do they need to be raised or lowered in any way????? I need these presets to be spot on when I transfer it back to my HX STOMP. I saw on a post here somewhere that I need to raise the levels +6 DB before going into Native. Does anyone have the official word on this. Thanks so much! G
  14. THIS is how I understood it to be: If you go out of be your Helix or HX Stomp , if you go out of USB ports 5 and 6 into you DAW your DAW will record EXACTLY what is going into your line 6 interface. EXACTLY for example . This would be for recording a dual source acoustic, to record just an electric gtr. Just disregard adding Track 2. FIRSR SET YOUR HELIX INTERFACE TO THE EFFECT YOU WANT TO RECORD WITH. THESE EFFECTS WILL NOT BE RECORDED SO YOU WILL NEED TO COPY THE PRESET TO YOUR HELIX NATIVE SOFTWARE BEFORE OR AFTER YOU RECORD. 1. Bring up two mono audio tracks in Pro Tools. 2. Make sure that my AXIO STOMP is my interface, 3. Set first guitar track to Record enable INPUT 5 4. Set second guitar track to Record enable INPUT 6 5. Set 1st track output to Aux 1 (Not 1-2 stereo) 6. Set 1st track output to Aux 2 (Not 1-2 stereo) 7. Bring up a stereo AUX TRACK to accept AUX 1-2 STEREO 8. Load the Aux track with HELIX NATIVE and hit play If you NEVER change the output levels of the recorded tracks. you can copy beteween your HELIX or STOMP and your patched will relate perfectly. JUST NEVER CHANGE THE PANNING OR LEVELS ENJOY!!
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