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  1. Maybe I worded it wrong or more likely you understood it wrong. What I'm referring to is lowering the input slider in Native (as you can see, it's adjustable) by -7.5db as to decrease the incoming signal even further. Now hopefully I haven't lost you here, but that then puts my actual input level at that -12 we referenced earlier. So if we want to wrap that all up and really drive it home. My input level WAS too high, so decreasing it by 7.5db I brought it nearer to the suggested level. It worked in my specific scenario and I added my experience in the hopes it could help benetbenet or somebody else who may stumble onto this thread. See, that's how this whole forum/community thing works
  2. I have a Scarlett 2i2 3rd gen which I use with native and almost exclusively use high gain patches with great sounds/success. I came from an HX Stomp using the same speakers, cables, guitars, etc. To me, it sounds great. Using the same settings with patches I copied over. I'm playing through two JBL 308P MKIIs and running Native in Cakewalk on Windows 10. I set my input to instrument, input gain (interface) where it's still green or maybe a flash of yellow when I strum a super hard chord, interface volume at max (adjust volume in patch), computer volume at max, input gain in Native set to -7.5 so that it peaks at around -12 with hard chords, and monitors set to +4dBu. Your results with levels may vary with input gain settings. All my guitars have pretty high output pickups (Alpha/Omega, EMG, Dirty Fingers) so I've got quite a hot signal coming in. The input gain is close to off on the interface. Hope this helps!
  3. That's great to hear! Thanks for the input! Most of the time I get by with only the 6 blocks. If I had any pedals that would solve my problem lol, but I don't. If I'm going to wind yo buying pedals I might as well sell my Stomp and get an LT, which isn't outta the question. I just figured I could save some hassle/money the Native way. The biggest issue I have is I use a 10 band eq and then a parametric at the end of every patch. I'm able to knock out all the unwanted frequencies this way, but then I also lose two blocks. I've got some IRs from ML Soundlab that give me exactly what I want, so I always have one of those in there. After I add an amp I'm left with 2 blocks remaining. Generally that's enough, but I feel pretty constrained with what effects to use given my very specific process lol.
  4. I've got a couple questions. I got an HX Stomp and figured it would be more than I needed, but should've known better as I love tinkering/tweaking lol. So I'm wondering how well it might work to use my Stomp as an interface into a DAW w/Native as a way to get more blocks. I use the Stomp to jam in my room so my worry is the latency. I'm not concerned with the ability to bring it places for shows as that's not something I've got any plans for. I realize there are many factors that can contribute to latency, but I figured someone else may have tried this. Currently I use my 2010 MacBook for HX Edit and it's suuper underpowered, so I don't expect much from it lol. I'll be moving soon which will give me room to setup my Windows 10 PC which is much more powerful (i7-4790k, 8GB RAM, GTX 970 4GB, and a few SSDs) and I'm assuming can handle whatever Native has to throw at it. Is Native resource intensive? What resources? Will going in the Stomp, to the DAW with Native, back out the Stomp, and into monitors introduce unplayable amounts of latency?
  5. When playing my volume was consistently around 60dB. I took a look at the Fletcher-Munson stuff, and after attempting to adjust one of my patches with that in mind using the 10 band eq. I gotta say, even with my limited knowledge of what I'm doing here, it's sounds sooo much better. Thanks! I feel a lot closer to the tone in my head lol
  6. Hello! I've had an HX Stomp for about two months and have lurking on this forum long before then to learn everything I can about how to get the best out of this thing. Since I'm a bedroom guitarist and live in an apartment I can't crank the volume very loud. Currently I'm using the Stomp into an EV ZLX-12P (I know it's not the best) and whilst it sounds good, it's not exactly what I'm going for. I understand I won't get the "amp in the room" feel as much as I'll get the "amp in another room mic'ed and playing through a monitor" feel, so the majority of my time I'm tweaking to make it perfect (mostly a me problem lol). Occasionally I'll record with Logic, but primarily I'm just jamming to songs by myself or with my friend. I understand I'll lose the ability for IRs/cabs this route, but in every one of my patches I use an IR from ML Soundlabs of a Mesa recto 4x12 with an SM57. I play mostly Coheed and Cambria stuff with various other metal/rock mixed in, so that IR/cab is the sound I want. All that being said, here are my questions. - Will it feel like the amp being modeled run into whatever cab I'm using? - For my purposes, would a power amp into a cab give the best feel? - What would a be a good power amp? Something neutral? (I've heard people using various Quilters, SD powerstage, Mooer Baby Bomb, EHX 44 Magnum, etc) I have a Fender HM412A I got cheap and used when I lived at my parents I could use, but I feel like that's gonna be super loud and I'm not sure how it'll sound. My other thought was selling the 4x12 and some other equipment I'm not using to pickup a Mesa Recto 1x12 because I figure that would get me close to the sound I'm aiming for. Any feedback or suggestions are appreciated! Thanks!
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