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  1. Hi. I did buy the Apple camera kit adapter but haven’t used it for this purpose. Instead, I went a different rout via an audio interface with a usb to lightning output. So I run all my guitars through my Helix and my vocal mic into a mixer. Mixer output goes to the audio interface (AudioBox iTwo). ITwo usb to lightning output cable runs to a 2 into one lightning adapter: one input is from the iTwo, the other is for iPad output to a large screen TV so I can monitor the Facebook Live feed on a big screen to see comments, song requests, etc. I’ve received a lot of comments that the sound is very good, so, so far, so good! Hope that helps.
  2. Thx for the reply, I'll give that a try. A little more context as the connections will be a little more 'involved' than just the Helix. I will need to have a lightning cable splitter connected to the iPad as I'll plug the Apple camera kit cable to one side (for the Helix audio signal), and then I have another adapter which lets me connect an HDMI cable to it so I can replicate my Facebook Live stream to a large screen TV so I can see the Live feed (to see viewer comments, etc). I'm hoping that will all work together!
  3. Hi all, So I'm doing live streaming gigs on Facebook and Instagram Live. Currently using the built in mics on the iPhone and iPad to pick up the audio in the room from my PA (running my vocal mic and guitars through my Helix floor). Does anyone know of a way to connect the Helix to the iPhone/iPad lightning port and use the Helix as a direct audio interface to Facebook/Instagram Live for the audio during live streaming? Thanks!
  4. Hi. Thx for the reply and tips: 1. Agreed, I only run my Helix to the main board for acoustic and electric. 2. I have read that the LA Studio is key, that helps validate it. 3. Agreed on EQ. I’m good with some EQ adjustments but sometimes it gets a little overwhelming. I’m not a big fan of the ES1’s on my Taylor’s, so will most likely leave the onboard settings flat and adjust via the Helix. 4. Interesting. Will read up on that and experiment a little. 5. Definitely on reverb and maybe some delay in pockets. I’ll have a chorus effect in the patch, but having lived through 80’s hairbands who saturated their acoustic sounds with chorus (which I loved at the time), I typically go for a cleaner sound.
  5. Hi. Thx for the reply and suggestions. After submitting my post, I continued to wade through the endless abyss of posts with words like Taylor, acoustic, etc in them, and down the rabbit hole I went! I did find this very helpful article which I’m hoping to try once I have time to plug my Helix into my laptop and set it up. https://www.google.com/amp/s/jimamsden.wordpress.com/2016/01/01/creating-a-helix-acoustic-guitar-patch/amp/ will take a read through you article suggestions, but from what I’m starting to gather, just finding the right IR could be another rabbit hole. Where do people find the time for all this?!?!
  6. Hi all, Been using my Helix floor solely for electric, but would like to start to use it for acoustic. I’ll primarily be running a Taylor 810ce and a Taylor K65ce (12 string), both have the Taylor Expression system ES1, so wanted to see if anyone had suggestions on patches, settings, blocks, etc etc. Thx!!
  7. Hi all, Helix newbie here. I've created a few custom presets on my Helix floor, but when I touch FS6, it does not bring up Stomp mode. The 8 buttons are blank. Stomp mode works on the factory presets and on presets that I've imported from a friend's board. I have done updates to 2.81 and 2.82 (per recommendations from other threads), but with no improvement. I have read threads on this and tried various things (like changing my global footswitch settings), but again, with no improvement. I have a support ticket in with Line6, but when I had an initial conversation with a Tech yesterday, he was not sure why this was happening. Any thoughts? UPDATE: You can all disregard this post, I just spoke with Tech Support (who were great) and it was newbie user error! I hadn't assigned each block to a switch (I assumed the effect blocks automatically got assigned....duh!).
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