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  1. 2 pole-4 pole filter along with widening, left right shift for tone(panning) and midside settings. 4 pole and drive can be really nice together with this shifting used
  2. The Dual Cabs are panned or centered, can be delayed in millisconds
  3. a preset that was modified from a Line6 one saved to User 5 area 1B kept resetting to New Preset name, parameters were there and was only called Jmp45
  4. Personally went smooth as silk, probably an off hour helped. I am SO SO ECSTATIC with the release. Sounds fabulous. Might not even need added IRs now! Keep up great work Line6! Note: did have bug saving a preset that was Default one from Factory 1 modified to User Area 5 1B, kept reverting later to New Preset rather than name
  5. For me, not being a great guitar player but have played for years, I dont play other people music at all. I create to enjoy, so whatever the enjoyment it poses in this world is good.
  6. I also use Liquidsonics on PC, point is, having onboard saves processor of computer when available. I mean I have Source Audio Ventris too. Doesn't keep me from wanting IR loader for Reverb. There might be particular ones we want onboard.
  7. Would like to have Reverb IR loader with at least mix, EQ high-low rolloff
  8. Would like capacity for more IRs to be loaded
  9. The Helix Edit will not show FULL names when highlighting the dots to be sure of the actual IR. Would like this fixed so can tell last notes on the setting such as will say cap-edge but not enough character for the 2 inch etc
  10. I guess it was best I posted this here first....yeah wasnt sure if do-able but would suffice many players for the reverb they want, not all of em but some. Cabs and reverb IRs would have people able to dump onto system ones they want and go. I play only into PC and use Reverberatex64 v2 many times for my reverb on a Reaper DAW track/.
  11. Like the CabIR loader can we get a Reverb IR loader with some paramaters for mix, high cut, etc. This would allow us to import reverbs from all over the world
  12. oh and ps. That Grammatico BRT amp sounds great with about any cab IR
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