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  1. Yeah I have fuzz pedal in send return and when I have it on, the mix doesnt turn down the sound of the fuzz? Where or why does this happen?
  2. thank you guys, yeah she is up and running
  3. I would like to see images of the pedal if possible in pathway and on screen. Makes it more real. Once again if not said more Fuzz options or like someone else said build your own circuit in fuzz or distortion pedals.
  4. So I am guessing by the design of Space the best way to use with Helix Light is having both Send/Returns to both inputs/outputs Space?
  5. Setting to not be full screen helped dim.
  6. The red error code mentioned earlier to me when I favorite marked only 3 presets. When I clicked on them in favorites got error
  7. Just set window to not full screen and will stay undimmed. If full screen dims. No matter the USB slot on PC. I have absolute settings on NVidia for it to control settings as well not apps. Definitely some type of bug. I f the screen is full and dimmed if you hit notifications or settings Window in Win10 then undims.
  8. I had just recently purchased Helix Lite and quickly installed 3.0 before use on Windows 10 PC. All was working fine but now for some reason the screen of Helix Edit is dimmed. I pull up Reaper afterwards and is not dimmed. Only Edit. Not sure why is doing this.
  9. Helix Lite Edit display started dimming after pulled up? This just began happening. Reaper running behind it is fine. v3 of edit
  10. What is strange is that you can remove (and I only had a single amp-CabIR, compressor in USE others added not on but couldnt swap many amps, I removed the pedals and could swap and then add back on firmware 1.12 (editor 1.11), I dont even run the reverbs or delays onboard on PodGo (use computer).
  11. Do you just match the sends to returns on each unit? I would like be able to use the FX on Simplifier and vice versa.
  12. Yeah on mine it took 4x locally uploading the firmware before it went through but is fine afterwards and no drops or locking up
  13. it finally loaded using this
  14. Where is it to download it? I dont want to wait 3 days to use this thing. The unit bricked on updating.
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