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  1. John Cordy posted a video a couple of weeks ago about while not totally the same as a full Helix floor the HX Stomp/Effects combo could give you nearly all of the flexiblity of the bigger unit - and give you the ability to use the Stomp processor for dual amps with the Effects procesor handling the IRs and post-effects. A cheaper option for those of us that already have one of the units and want to "upgrade" without forking out for the bigger unit. I'm thinking of getting another Line 6 unit; do any of you run 2x HX Stomps and depending on the complexity of your preset have the amps & cabs split across the two units or run better dual amp setups? I feel the Stomp/Effects combo would limit the possiblities as the amps & cab models would have to be run on the Stomp. Pros for 2x HX Stomps: almost bigger unit routing capability with all models in the software available to both units Pros for HX Stomp/Effects combo: a couple of extra blocks, more switches (handy for looper if you use it) What's your thoughts on a dual HX unit setup?
  2. benriddell

    Wet Dry Wet

    I've never done it before but you need to split your signal path in the HX Stomp, sending one to the effects loop send and onto the Iridium input (for your dry sound), the other to the HX outputs (for your stereo wet sounds) The split would need to be after any HX pedals/effects you want to go to both the HX amp and the Iridium, the HX amp/cab/IR directly after the path split and your wet effect(s) after the HX amp/cab/IR I'm not sure of the actual signal path split settings or any global settings that would need to be changed but that is the logic - you won't be able to use the HX Stomp's effects loop as an actual loop, just a third output (don't know if this can be stereo or just mono) for your signal chain
  3. I only have a HX Stomp but could you not do the following (I maybe completely wrong so make sure the output levels are way way down, or even off, before switiching the units on): Connect the Axe FX stereo send to the stereo input of the HX Effects Connect the stereo output of the HX Effects to the Axe FX stereo return Connect the input & send of the HX Stomp to one of the HX Effects loops Connect the return & output of the HX Stomp to the other HX Effects loop If the loops in the HX Effects are stereo do the connections in point 3-4 as stereo. That way you can put HX Effects effects before and after your HX Stomp while having them on a sepepate line in the Axe FX matrix Just a thought.
  4. Depending on what else pedalwise you are powering You could use a 5 amp GigRig Generator to power both HX units and still have 2.5 - 3 amps of juice spare (The HX units only use about 1A max to be powered; they do the barrel convertors too (it's the green tipped one) I'm sure Voodoo Lab/Strymon/Truetone have bricks that can power both with the right cable configuration it's just I have the GigRig one
  5. If cables are plugged into the left & right output of any effects processor the unit will split the sound left & right so you'll only get half of the desired effect when you run your rig in mono. To get around this you could double up on your presets and have one as stereo L/R and a copy panned hard left (or right?) then you could use either set of presets depending on your connection on the panel. I know he's a sore point on guitar forums but Mason Marangella of Vertex Effects talks about the whole "summing to mono" topic on the their YouTube channel
  6. Just because Derek Trucks doesn’t use pedals on stage (or in the studio?) doesn’t mean that you can’t to get the sound you want. Adding a compressor will get your notes to sustain better - the LA compressor would be a good choice in the front end - or even a boost/EQ somewhere in the chain. A lot of slide players use two compressors in series and the Origin Effects SlideRig pedal built that way. Remember that all live recordings will have Front of House applying compression/limiting/EQ to every sound source individually so you won’t get “the sound” from just an amp & cab
  7. Hi all I'm looking to expand my HX Stomp functionality with an expression pedal (or two). I'm not looking for brand recommendations but the following; Both the Line 6 & Mission Engineering pedals have 10k ohm linear pots in them but I've read on various sites (in researching for HX and Eventide H9 use) that value isn't a given and others say it is. So my question is has anyone had experience using an expression pedal with a 20k ohm pot in it with their Line 6 & other units and does it make any real difference between the two values? Thanks, Ben
  8. Unit GigRig modular power supply kit: https://shop.thegigrig.com/power-base-pack-1/ Addtional cable 2.1mm to 2.5mm (not the "Line 6" option as that one is centre positive): https://shop.thegigrig.com/cable-adapters/
  9. Thanks for sharing. I'll check them out at the weekend when I have some time
  10. I bought an HX Stomp at the end of October. I've just loaded the backup I took when I first got it (before playing around with any of the settings) and there's not a preset called "Seismic Matters". Unless its name has been changed? If anyone else knows the new nameI can get you a copy of the preset
  11. Pete Thorn mentions what he does in this video using an Eventide H9 but the theory can be applied in the Helix world: https://youtu.be/YqCFo32emgg?t=483 And Michael Westbrook has a video about this specifically in use with the HX Stomp: https://youtu.be/St155g4t2w0
  12. You just need a 2.5mm centre negative (straight or right angled) to 2.5mm centre negative right angle extension/converter cable. eBay/Amazon/any electrical parts site should have them. I use a GigRig power supply and had to buy a 2.1mm (Boss size) to 2.5mm cable for £6-7. If you're using the original power supply it's just 2.5 to 2.5
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