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  1. I've just purchased a JTV69 and am working my way through the forum to see what's what. I found this page through KVR for some patches, but don't know if they'll work with the JTV models or older... http://www.instituteofnoise.com/L6/filesearch.asp Hopefully Line6 will continue with updates and offer more features and models for us guys. Robbie, can't you use a pedal in-front of the amp or look at the POD HD or Helix to add further control and lock the controls (volume, tone) on the Variax? I think that's what most are doing these days, but again I'm a newbie catching up and checking all the videos on Youtube. I wish there were more videos to be honest with guys showing their custom models and further what this guitar can do. Cheers
  2. Are there any planned updates to include new models for pickup types, bodies, etc...? Thanks!
  3. Sorted it...! ;) Thanks everyone! Any comment on the issues with the model knob, and I guess I should and will check through the threads but are there people sharing (and can you share) modelled workbench presets? I'm hoping there is a model of the Brian May Red Special with Tri-sonic pickups available... Cheers, Ash
  4. There wasn't a hole around the pots, the plastic is stuck under there. I need to remove them to get it all out. I don't know what is meant by use spoons... Can someone kindly explain "how to get the pots off"? There's also a slight black mark, a dot, on the scratch plate (pick guard) and the 5-way selector switch is scuffed, as if I've had it for a while and been heavy handed. :(
  5. Hi all, Just purchased a JTV69, arrived today. How do you remove the volume/tone pots to get rid of the plastic they placed on the scratch plate? Some people have said use spoons, but I don't know what they mean to pry them off... Also, in searching I've just read of a fair few issues re the model knob needing to be superglued, a toothpick or cardboard being placed inside to set it higher if it loses contact. Worrying! Were all these issues fixed in later production runs? I don't particularly know how new my guitar is in that vain though purchase new from gear4music in the UK. Thanks, looking to test it out over the weekend. Ash
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