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Found 5 results

  1. Just picked up a Variax 300 in the fall and am having a hoot with it! I was looking at getting a used POD 500 or POD 500X but am confused by what I read on the forums. From an old post: The older Variax will work with the HD500x just fine but you can't run the old Workbench with the HD500x. You will have to use the dongle to work with Workbench. The other features work and you can select which type Variax you have when you set them up on the HD500x. It looks like the Variax workbench is not compatible with the 500X; but I don't get it. I want to use the Variax workbench to program the 300; what does the 500 software have to do with programming the 300? I have the physical usb connection dongle and program the 300 all the time. Since I don't have a 500(X), I'm just assuming I plug the Variax 300 into it and then the pedal can read the guitar's stored models and I just add a model to a patch that I create. Then when I play and pull up a new patch the guitar changes with the patch? What am I missing? Thanks in advance for any and all help!
  2. Hello i have a problem with my Pod HD500, and any help would be appreciated. I have had my HD500 a little over 6 months now and im having a problem with two of my foot switches that are not reliable. It takes a good 10-20 presses to activate/deactivate these two switches, and somtimes i cannot get them to work at all. I am wondering if there are upgraded switches i can have installed? or maybe a way to repair my current ones? this seems to be a fairly common problem on the HD500. I see now the HD500X has fixed this problem... maybe there is a trade in deal? or possibly some way to upgrade to those switches? any help or info would be appreciated.
  3. HI All Firstly.. sorry if this issue has been covered elsewhere, I didn't find it anyway. So, I have one version of the Dream Rig - a JTV69, POD HD500, and DT50. For practise, I just use the headphone out on the POD, with my JTV69 hooked up via L6Link. No batteries required....simple bedroom setup. Love the principle, and having fun with the gear. One problemo....every time I changed a preset on the POD, it turns the Model mode on the JTV back on. I read there is a simple way to change this behaviour somewhere? I would like the Model mode off by default, so that I get the mag pickups as the "standard" selection. I know I can set up individual patches with it either on or off, but is there a system wide behaviour I can change until I begin making those patches? All firmware/software has been updated to latest versions as of today.
  4. OK, I'm pretty much fed up with the POD 500 I have here. I'm using this thru a Mesa Mark V head for effects only, via the 4 cable method. When the POD500 was setup, it was working great, no problems, except the occaisional distortion that I've posted about before in here. Now the problem is that when I engage the effects loop, via my mesa foot switch, my chorus started sounding warbly, like some weird sonar-radar effect.... Then later I've gotten some nasty loud squeals. Please keep in mind,sometimes it works properly, then it does this... It works just fine again, then does it again..... I'm pretty much fed up with this. Has anyone here had anything like this happen to them? Is there something I'm missing. I love having the 4 cable method... but will the wah sound any different thru the loop? Perhaps I should ditch the 4 cm?
  5. I havemy variax plugged into my POD 500 then through L6 link from the POD 500 into the DT50. i have sound through all of the presets on the POD 500 but cannot get the models to work in the variax guitar. i am wired into the POD 500 with the variax cable, the POD 500 is set to variax and will give sound from presets but no modeling from the guitar itself..battery is at full charge..... I have been in the work bench conected to the POD 500 still nothing as far as modeling from the variax..BUT if i take the variax guitar out of the POD 500 and wire it into the computer through the variax hub that comes with the guitar i have modeling !!! what am i doing wrong??????????
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