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  1. I have now set my bridge piece height to 1/8" gap at the rear from body to underside, by adjusting the two screws at the front of the bridge. I have my action set at 5/64 at the 17th fret on both sides with no buzzing at this point. (I don't count myself as a shredder, and I play more rhythm than lead anyway, but this is still low enough to do comfortable leads with, in my view)
  2. Just a curious point here, as I have just started to do some measurements on my JTV69, when I started to reset the action from factory default. (I mean, I had played the guitar as it was for a while before deciding I should be able to set this better myself) Mine came to me with the Low E side of the bridge set at 13/64 and the High E side set at 9/64, as measured at the rear as a distance from body to underside of bridge piece. The simplest way I saw to adjust this was to turn the two poles at the front of the bridge. I now have them both set to 8/64 (1/8) and the action has improved immensely. (Same as a strat btw) Couple that with setting the radius of the individual saddles to the 12" radius of the neck now means I can get an action that works all the way across the neck. Wish I had done this right away, when I got the guitar. Now to adjust the pickups. What I would really like to see is a complete set of setup specs for these guitars, in the same manner as fender do. For now, I am using their specs and finding out what might be different from a standard strat model. Each time I adjust my JTV69 closer to the strat specs, it gets better, so I intend to continue down that road
  3. The specifications available on-site are poor. Here's one extra bit of info. The fretboard radius on a JTV-69 is 12" according to my guage.
  4. HI All Firstly.. sorry if this issue has been covered elsewhere, I didn't find it anyway. So, I have one version of the Dream Rig - a JTV69, POD HD500, and DT50. For practise, I just use the headphone out on the POD, with my JTV69 hooked up via L6Link. No batteries required....simple bedroom setup. Love the principle, and having fun with the gear. One problemo....every time I changed a preset on the POD, it turns the Model mode on the JTV back on. I read there is a simple way to change this behaviour somewhere? I would like the Model mode off by default, so that I get the mag pickups as the "standard" selection. I know I can set up individual patches with it either on or off, but is there a system wide behaviour I can change until I begin making those patches? All firmware/software has been updated to latest versions as of today.
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