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  1. I am also having trouble with iOS 15 and connecting to my mixer. It's time to show some minimal legacy support here, L6. Mixers are a long-term investment.
  2. I plugged in my DT25, loaded up a Twin-based patch, disabled the IR and Cab, and tweaked the output settings to the DT. While I'm not 100% sure of the function of all the output menu items, it worked great right away and gave me a sound very close to the sound I had from the DI patch. I'm loving that it's now that easy, and built a few patches for use directly to the DT. Added the Moogerfooger model to my go-to setup, and went through all the stock patches, with some really great results. Overall, I'm quite pleased and enjoyed tweaking. Tonight we gig!
  3. After 7 years in HD land, I upgraded to a Helix LT yesterday. Can’t wait to hook it up to my DT25 and find out how those 2 great tastes taste great together!
  4. Yep, I voted for Helix>DT too. I'm afraid there just aren't enough DT users to justify the programming, or maybe the DT uses on-board preamps rather than the HD's progrmamed one, thus can't use Helix via L6 Link? DT integration would be the straw that broke my wallet's back and I'd be ordering a Helix LT if it was announced. As far as MIDI programming, Check out my comment (and responses) in this post in Chad Boston's FB group:
  5. I've been thinking about this setup also. Use HX Effects with a 3-cable (1/4"+2xMIDI) connection to the DT25, then use the HXFX to send signals to switch amp, topology and Class data to the DT, utilizing the onboard preamp models, and get my effects from the HX. Improved effects would result, but I don't know if I'd get $600 worth of inspiration to offset the ease and familiarity the HD series gives me when paired with the DT. Not only that, pre/post effects would require another pair of FX Send/Returns, and I'm just a little butthurt that a single L6 cable can do ALL those things and more, but it isn't an option on any Helix model. So, I'll wait til someone else tries it for me, and think about it then. In the mean time, the current combination does what I need, so I'll resist the constant, pressing GAS.
  6. But, I think you can achieve nearly the same result - how about this - insert a volume pedal after other pedals but before the amp, and then set the volume control on the Variax to control the pedal, rather than the guitar output, which is set to 100%. Or, use the tone control for the volume pedal, and the volume control for the guitar output pre-effects. Isn't this the same as an OBEL? Since the volume and tone controls are assignable with Variax/HD, won't this achieve the same result?
  7. Greetings, I'm wondering if anyone has used the Variax/HD500 (and maybe DT) to simulate an On-Board Effects Loop. The purpose of an OBEL is to bring the post-effects sound back into the guitar in order to keep the effects sound consistent and not subject to the output volume of the guitar. Put another way, when you typically turn the volume on your axe down, the lower output cleans up the signal from the effects. Using an OBEL means this won't happen, and the volume now controls the output, post effects. An OBEL was famously used by Jerry Garcia. Here's a good explanation of OBEL: On the Variax, you can use the HD 500 to assign the guitar volume control to operate the amp volume rather than the guitar pickup output (when using modeled pickups). I think this would achieve the same effect: the output of the Variax to the effects remains constant, but the post-effect output volume varies. Has anyone here used this method to achieve a similar result?
  8. So, Col. Forbin - Using your above method, could i choose one topolgy I like (for example, I) and erase Channel B of Topology slot IV, but then leave the other 7 available Top/channel presets to their defaults or whatever I like, so that I may play the amp without the Helix, excepting the one channel I've reserved for the Helix? Here's what I'm thinking: TOPOLOGY CHANNEL PREAMP I A Twin I B Twin II A AC30 II B AC30 III A JCM800 III B JCM 800 IV A Dual Rectifier IV B No amp/cab/mic - reserved for Helix thru FX loop.
  9. Dave, For what it's worth (and this doesn't answer your question), I've used an md20 with 2 L2T and 2 L2M for 3 years at my church with not a single drop out or other issue. I HIGHLY recommend following the advice of getting an airport express with the USB > Ethernet cable for networking, as advocated by others on this forum. For me, the absolute KILLER app is the ability to multi-track record the music, and then tweak it in Logic Pro X afterwords. I've complied a live album of original songs, and I'm working on volume II for this summer. Here's a song I just wrote and performed with my band two days ago. If you have any questions once you've got things up and running, I'd be happy to help. Dave Martin
  10. Humoring this topic, I imagine this is a realistic extension of the HD500(x) functionality: The complete collection of HD amps and pedals with a larger color screen (similar to Helix) but no capacitive touch. Processor capable of more stuff at a time. Bluetooth control ala Amplifi/Firebird. That's pretty much it, and because of that, I think it isn't too likely to happen. I'm happy with my HD500, but if Helix had DT amp integration, I'd be jonesing for one.
  11. If I understand correctly, you can't do dual tones with only one DT. You need a pair of them. One amp = one amp.
  12. Add me to the HD500 (not even X) + DT25 lovefest. I've followed Helix with interest, watched all the videos, and would love to have the cool interface and new shiny, but it just doesn't make any sense to start over when I've got something that meets all my needs so well now. The only advantage of a FRFR setup would be not needing a second acoustic amp when I play music theater gigs.
  13. Hmm. I never use LVM, can't seem to get "that" sound sans tubes. Not a bad idea re offloading the reverb.
  14. Sometimes when playing, I notice the reverb is cavernous, despite being off on my HD500 patch. I then have to go to the DT25 and turn it down. Also when first starting out, the DT seems to override the HD500 patch until I reselect the patch. Is there a formula for what controls what? Ideally, I'd like the HD500 to be in control unless i move controls on the DT25.
  15. Here's a blue JTV-69 and a 3-tone JTV-59! Didn't look to see what's at the guitarist's feet...
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