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  1. Hello, my cover band is playing Just What I Needed from the cars. I would like to play the synth melody on the guitar. Any recommendations on how to get the synth close? I am synth challenged, LOL.
  2. It's not the nature of making things, It's the nature of getting product to market.
  3. I always get confused about the output setting using 4cm method. I am going into a Friedman Runt 50 Head. Line or instrument level? Can anyone help?
  4. seems like they rushed this for NAMM. No computer editing is ridiculous or customtone repository is poor for high end unit like this. I bagged my helix for this and it took me 2 days to recreate everything with no keyboard.
  5. Know the songs!!! Not just how to play them but listen to them over and over so they are burned in your brain. I just recently auditioned for a new guitarist and was floored by how many folks didn't know the songs. Crazy right? As for playing, learn how to play the parts using another inversion. Triads on the bottom strings up the neck are a nice compliment when amother guitar is playing power chords or first position chords. It's a nice textural thing and impressive. Listen to the band while playing! Don't want to pee all over everbody. Nice and easy. Oh and did I say, Know the songs!!! Lol!!!
  6. Tips for sounds? or playing in a cover band in general?
  7. I agree Gear Head. And remember there are a lot of gigging Line 6 users that just simply know what a Matchless or Twin sounds like. They want to choose it, add some effects and play their damn guitar. I have no idea what class amp they are or the topology they use, nor do I care. That's the whole point of a $1500 modeler. Pick and play. Sitting in a studio or man cave trying to figure out Midi commands so I don't have to throw out a perfectly good Bogner amp is horselollipop. My office looks like a Guitar Center threw up in it for gods sake. In all the marketing videos I watched of Sean Halley telling me how easy it is to dial up a sound, not once did I see him sending midi commands to a fairly new Line 6 product to disable it's features first. All I want from Line 6 is a workflow containing clear instructions of how to do what need.
  8. radatats, I am ripping the company because they are telling me to do the opposite you guys are. Here is a message from one of their techs: "I’m sorry about your experience so far with Line 6 Support. I’d like to take this chance to clear things up. Usage of the Helix and the DT series using the L6 link is not recommended. The pre amp of the DT does not get bypassed and essentially doubles up the amp modeling from the Helix and the amp. If you would like to use your DT, I would strongly recommend taking the ¼†left out of the Helix and plugging it into the FX return of the DT. That will bypass the pre amp stage of the DT and let the Helix do all the modeling and leave the DT to perform the power amp stage. At this point you’re welcome to use complete amp modeling, or just pre amp modeling on the Helix, that’s up to your taste. I hope this helps out, and please let me know if you have any further questions." ​
  9. You guys are missing my point. I'm a guitarist not a programmer. I'm staring at $4000 worth of gear and have to sift through countless forum threads and piece together a workflow to get it all working. I expect that from the manufacturer. You are all helpful and I appreciate it. I'm just frustrated. How do I turn off all the DT emulation once and just have the master functional? I don't want to have to choose a class or topology each time.
  10. I have been a loyal customer of Line 6 since the original bean POD. I am obviously a fan of modeling and think you guys do it best. With modeling you are only as good as the technology available, which is why I have purchased every incarnation of the POD as they were released. Two years ago I purchased a POD HD500X and DT25 for my live rig. The amp is amazing but I find the POD to be lacking. It is very hard to tweak without a computer and the modeling is not quite there. Here comes the Helix!!! I purchased the Helix 3 weeks ago and it sounds great in headphones and monitors and solves my tweaking on the fly issue. One question remains “How am I supposed to use the Helix in a live situation? I have asked multiple techs at Line6 and I get the stocked answer that “it’s all subjectiveâ€. The support from Line 6 for using the Helix in a live situation is nonexistent and the integration with the DT I purchased two years ago is half baked. I understand the topology and DSP is completely different from the POD, but I am sure more can be done with “L6 Linkâ€. I and many others in forums feel you have abandoned your loyal DT users. The whole point of the “Dream Rig†was a complete live rig solution made really easy. I’ve tried every configuration I could find in forums, from MIDI commands to going into the effects return of the DT. As far as I am concerned the DT is a boat anchor used with the Helix. We are guitarists not, engineers! So I switched gears and purchased and returned 4 different FRFR speaker systems including your L3M and then stopped myself. Why should I buy a new speaker when the DT is a great amp and fairly new? You owe it to your customers to make the integration more seamless. $1500 for the Helix turned my “Dream Rig†into a NIGHTMARE!!! I am extremely disappointed and returning Helix today.
  11. Hey All, I currently use the HD500X with a DT25 as a live rig. I love the DT25 but find the Pod needs constant tweaking and it's cumbersome to tweak live. Here comes the Helix. I am having a hard time making it work with the DT. I tried going into the effects return and the volume is not gig level. I've tried Line 6 link and am not interested in switching the DT's settings manually, the whole point of the dream rig is not to. Line 6 support is not really helping much. Has anyone had success with Helix-DT integration with MIDI. I am MIDI challenged and trying hard not to return the Helix. Does anyone have a workflow for integration that will work in a live setting? Please?!? Guitar center pay and play is almost up. thanks for the help!
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