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  1. I have the same boot failure, I find if I hold the home button down down at boot up the unit boots fine. I bought this unit a bout a year ago it has happened since I got it. I’ve just dealt with it. I‘ve updated the firmware and it still happens more regularly now it seems. The issue is disappointing because I really like the unit..
  2. i added the dt25 combo again, heh my ears are ringing.
  3. I’ve had the HX effects for a while, I am happy to say I really like it paired to the DT-25. Very happy . I spend more time playing then tweaking. I find it easy to get the effect I am looking for. my current rig is a dt 25 Head and extension cab. HX effects, mission engineering expression pedal and G10 wireless system. Good job line 6.
  4. Ok I’ve had the HX effects for a couple of days. I had to install the HX editor to update to the newest firmware. I’m just running the the HX effects through the effects loop with the guitar plugged in the front of the amp. I had the inexpensive plastic line 6 expression pedal, I’m working on setting up my patches for the few songs that I play. I Have to say even though I’m still disappointed about the Line 6 link... over all I really like the combo of the DT and HX effects. I’ve been playing way to loud my ears are ringing and buzzing heh... so in place of a bunch of pedals all over the floor i have; G50, which the transmitter for the g10 works on, the HX effects and the expression pedal. The best way I can explain it, this is what I thought the dream rig was going to sound like. I don’t have a Variax so I can’t comment on that at The way I look at it, you would spend way more to buy a bunch of pedals to cover what the HX effects can do. I’m not sure if I’m like most guitarist but seem to get a sound I like from an amp and throw in a couple of effects. In reality I bearly used the Pod Hd500X for all that it could do. I just could never get a sound I was happy with out of the Pod HD500X, no matter how much time I spent tweaking it. In a few minutes working with the HX effects I was got pretty close to where I wanted to be. I want to set up the expression pedal to toggle between Chorus and Flanger. I plan on converting an old Cry Baby wah to an expression pedal, there is a guide in the forums. To answer the question could the HX effects replace the Pod500 your using just as an effects pedal, yes. You’re looking at spending $500 bucks to upgrade your effects, is it worth it to you. For $1000 you get the Helix LT, so all the updated effects plus the connectivity and interface options. So since hindsight is 20/20; If I had to do it all over again, I would have bought the full blown Helix from the start I would have bought the mission engineering FRFR power cab that has Bluetooth. I would have saved money by not buying and selling all the DT amps that I did and would not have bought the Firehawk 1500. Hopefully this will help some people who are thinking about adding the HX effects to their rig. If you love your amp but want to add a bunch of great sounding effects the HX effects is a great option.
  5. I was having the same issue. once I installed the editor I was able to update the HX effects.
  6. I really like the sound of the DT25 in voice 4 high gain. I just wanted to add some effects. I sold off my PodHD500x a while ago so I really can’t say how it works with that through the effects loop. I tried the 4 cable method with the HX effects but it put the amp in a clean B channel, I’m sure I read that would happen somewhere. So, I have the guitar input to the amp and the HX effects in and out of the effects loop. As far as the sounds of the effects ithey are great, I’m still plaiying with them. My first impression is they are very good. I have midi cables so I’ll try messing around with that some time soon. I have an expression pedal so I did not have to spend for that. All in all if you like the Pod500x this is not a replacement since the Line 6 link does not work the same way with the DT. If I understand your needs I would say go with either a full blown Helix or Helix Lt. You get the effects the HX effects has plus the ability to go right into a PA with a rig that fits in a backpack. So you can bring the DT to the small show and use the Helix for modeling and effects or if the venue has a system you can just go right out of the Helix and leave the amp at home. Just my 2cents. As far as Line 6 making an updated pod500x to update the Dream Rig, the name says it all “Dreamâ€. I’m thinking of returning the HX effects and troll eBay for a used Helix. I want to give Line 6 my $$$ just offer something I want.
  7. My HX effects just came in, it has a boot failure. Just had to hold the button next to save and it booted up. Time to play around.
  8. I with you on this. I posted something similar to this. There is a thread where line 6 responded to about Helix and DT amp integration. Apparently it is more difficult and involved then one would think. I would love to see a either Helix controlling the DT with the availability of all the effects or a Pod HX version that connects to the dt via the line 6 link. By the looks of it, I am not alone.
  9. You explained my hesitation 100%.. I’ve been having a blast with the used DT25 head and cab. I always liked the ease of the 1 cable in with the line 6 link but felt the tone was different paired with the Pod HD500X. I Tried but could not get the same tone I got just plugged directly into the input jack of the amp. I’m repeating the path I went down a couple of years ago. I started with a DT 50 Head. It was just a little to much for me. I bought a Dt25 combo fell in love with it. Got the PodHD500x and bought a Dt25 Head and cab for stereo. It was cool little set up. The cabeling was easy. Guitar cable to the pod, line 6 link to 1 amp then jump amp to amp via the link. There are a bunch of guides out there to tweak the pod but I could never match the tone of the amp in voice 4 with a few pedals. I saw the HX effects and I thought that could do it. I voted for Helix and DT integration, I’d buy a helix right now if it worked with the line6 link. I Have a firehawk 1500 but I find it lacking. It has great features but i just like the sound of the DT25. So i find myself back where I was a year or so ago.... I really have no interest in buying a pod. My dream rig would be the power and versatility of the Helix or HX effects connected to the DT via the 1 cable of the line 6 link.
  10. I’ve owned DT50 head, DT25 Head and cab and a DT25 combo. I was using the Pod HD 500x, which I was never completely satisfied with. I traded and sold all of it off and for the last year or so I’ve been using the firehawk 1500. It’s not a bad set up but I find it lacking.... I ordered a Dt25 head and cab used and I am waiting on it to be delivered. I was thinking of getting a used helix or a helix lt until I saw the new HxX Effects. I’m thinking this could be a great fit. I loved the sound of the DT 25 on it’s, for some reason even reading guides and after tweaking for hours I never could get the sound I was after with a the pod hd500x It allways had Fiz or some other noise I would fixate on. I loved the cabling of the line 6 link. I’m thinking of the H effects in the effects loop and Midi cable to change the topology of the amp. The Helix would give me more options. For 1/2 the cost I could get the effects of the Helix, the midi control of the helix and the versatility and the tone of the DT 25. I am keeping the Firehawk 1500 so I could use the Helix on both... Any DT owners who run it with a Helix have any opinion on this? .
  11. Guitar output from the trio-plus to the input of the amp the mixer output to the mono input of the firehawk. It's mono but it sounds good to me. You can adjust the sound of the "band" with the knob on the back of the amp. If you add or change effects and guitar loop of the trio plus will change along with it. So if you have a clean loop on the trio plus and you add a stomp pedal on the firehawk, the loop will change with it. That would be my only complaint with this set up, other then that this is a good set up to work on ideas. I bought a Siamese patch cable from guitar center to make connecting it to the Firehawk 1500 a breeze. I also got the G10 it's a great little set up. The tones of the firehawk are not bad, it's suffenctly loud enough or you can connect into the PA. If you don't want a room full of heads and cabs and a crap load of peddles then this is a pretty reasonable set up for the price. If I had the money I may have went with a more expensive set up, I'm Not a touring musician, I get together with a few people up the street every so often and I'm not ashamed of my set up. It holds up pretty well compared to some more expensive set ups I've played with. That's my opinion.
  12. There are a couple of threads on this, below is a link to a thread that has a video and a link to the store. I checked and as of right now the trolley bag for the Firehawk 1500 is not up yet.
  13. in my opinion the Firehawk 1500 is the best choice of all the options mentioned in this thread. I've owned all 3 products. The interface between the Firehawk 1500 and Amplify are very similar if not exactly the same. I felt the Amplify had great features such as tone matching to songs and the tone cloud but lacked volume. I do feel that the Firehawk 1500 does miss with "feel" or has response compared to the tube DT amp and some pedals. I do not know the term to use but I would say a guitar connected to a tube amp has an organic feel. I was never satisfied with the PodHd500x, I had the PodHd500x running thru a Dt25 combo and a Dt25 head with the 1x12 extension cab. When I saw the Firehawk 1500 videos from NAMM I was very interested and once released I bought it. I am extremely satisfied with my choice. 1) The Firehawk 1500 interface is much easier then the PodHD500x(Granted the PodHd500x allows more complex signal chains) 2) The Firehawk 1500 is one box that does it all vrs. A pod or peddles plus an amp(s) (The pod can be ran XLR out to a PA or powered speaker that would be an additional cost). 3) Streaming music on a loud as all hell Bluetooth speaker, it sounds great. This is a great option, if you own a Firehawk 1500 and haven't tried it your missing out. Backing tracks sound great also. 4) the Firehawk 1500 can be used as a FRFR speaker or stage monitor. Did I mention that the Firehawk 1500 is loud.... You can easily play in a garage band or small venue. With the added XLR out to a PA as an option. It's not a Helix as far as the modeling, there are limitations but you can get some pretty respectable tones from the Firehawk 1500. I saved pricing for last. There were a few Firehawk 1500s for under $800.00 US on EBay, I expect these were blemished or customer returns. The way I look at it, I won't feel as bad when I add a few more dings to the unit . The last time I checked the price of a used PodHd500x and a Dt25 combo and a Firehawk 1500 is roughly about even. I had a FBVII so I was able to use that with the Firehawk 1500, it does not have the colored rings but it works. Hopefully this will help with your decision.
  14. I posted on a topic below regarding this. The post included a link to the pictures of a padded trolley bag they said back in Feb they were planning on making for the Firehawk 1500. I have been waiting patiently for any information. Aside from a hardened road case the only bag with wheels I could find is a bag made by Gator cases. It fits a 2x12 type of amp so extra padding would probably be needed. If anyone has any information I'm hoping they will add to this or the other post.
  15. Anyone have any info on this padded bag with the wheels? Was this some type of custom order or prototype?
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