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  1. Looks like installing the HX Edit application fixed the problem. Not sure why though.
  2. I tried both ways- HX off before starting the updater and HX on before starting. When the HX is already on, the updater crashes immediately. I also tried using a windows laptop to update and encountered the same problem.
  3. Hey all I just got the hx effects today and am trying to update it to 2.5. I have a macbook pro running 10.9.5. I downloaded the most recent Line 6 Updater from https://line6.com/software/?submit=Show&name=Line+6+Updater. I am having problems getting my HX effects updated. I plugged the included cord in to my computer and the hx effects. I can start the updater when the hx effects is powered off. I, of course, don't see the device in the "Select device to update" list after signing in. Once I turn the hx effects on, the updater crashes with the error "Line 6 Updater quit unexpectedly." I have tried different USB ports on my computer and have restarted once. Anyone have any ideas? Thanks!
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