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  1. I really appreciate the information with your experiences and advice! I will definitely test it out, and see what I have gotten myself into. We haven't had the bad experiences with the L3ts or L3s's - so far they work great! But I will definitely ask for the original receipt, etc... Cut-outs like that just can't happen that often during a show. Anyhow... Thank you again for the detail and for the well wishes!
  2. The silence is deafening. To end the story, we found a guy selling one used, and have decided to purchase that way. It's odd for Yamaha not to comment - I have had excellent conversations with them regarding mixers and PA over the years... I wonder if the market just didn't exist not the scale they needed to be sustainable... It's not like the M20d competes with the TF series - 2 different niches... And there is nothing else out there like this thing from what I can tell (especially for a non-a/v tech trained person to set up and run with excellence...)
  3. Hi, Line6 - Our church has ordered and is loving a pair of L3ts and L3s subs in our Family Life Center. We had attempted to order an M20d as part of the package back in February, but were told by our Guitar Center rep they were on back order until late March. We just received word from them again that it would be mid-July. I have a group wondering if the M20d is being discontinued, or if it really is just behind in production in some way. I am not sure if this is the best place to ask this - PM me if this would better be handled offline somehow. I could not find a good support email address for a question like this, and I am hoping someone from this Line6 community can steer me in the right direction. At the end of the day, the system was what we were looking to purchase, moreso than just the speakers... Thanks for your help! Dave Berry San Jose Church of Christ Jacksonville, FL
  4. Thanks for the info! This helps keep it in perspective!
  5. So I am in a quandary about whether to purchase a second m20d vs an analog mixer. I know the obvious benefits of the dsp, etc., per channel of having 2 m20ds, but am concerned about the potential delay of having too many A/D conversions going on in the recommended setup in the FAQs (the main outs of the first into 2 channels of the other)... What are your thoughts? Would it be a better option to purchase a 16 ch. analog board or another m20d? I'm looking to mix 16 ch. of vocalists and drama mics (lavs and headsets) in addition to a full band. Thanks!
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