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  1. Thanks. I’m starting to think my new expression pedal my also be faulty. I’ll follow your instruction and try again before I throw it in the yard.
  2. I have the Helix LT. I want my on board pedal to be the volume pedal (which it currently is). I want my expression pedal to be a wah. I have the volume set to a minimum of 50% with heel down, and want the wah to be off in heel down. I want the wah to activate when it’s moved and I want it to turn off when it’s not moving. Does anyone have a link showing how to do this? Every time I try it messes up my volume pedal settings.
  3. No way! S-Gear is great. I also like Amplitube, and Revalver, but I like having a hardware device, and live rig. My Helix and a pair of JBL eon612s will be the live rig.
  4. I have a pair of Roland DS-8s and a pair of JBL Eon612s on stands.
  5. Amplifire 12 is coming. I sold my Amplifire to fund the A12, but bought a Helix instead...I'm pleased!
  6. I have a DT25 which I'm very happy with, but I'm interested in how well the HD500X would sound through this amp using the full models with cabs or maybe with an external IR loader such as the Two-Notes CAB. I'm expecting a lot of Helix users to give this a try as well. I haven't always been thrilled with FRFR, but this amp could be what I've been waiting for. Have any of you tried this with the HD500X or Helix? Have you been able to compare with other FRFR solutions?
  7. Okay I've been testing the tube pre with my HD500X this morning. At 50% input and 50% output it was much lower in volume, so I turned it up until equal with bypassed volume. I used Mautodynamiceq to do some freq analysis and found in the FX loop the tube pre added some low end and raised the mids. Post mixer it added lows and cut the mids. To my ear the HD500X sounds better without it, but it does add something. You'll like it or you won't. Next up...testing with S-Gear.
  8. If I were to buy one today the TS110A is the one I would buy. Nice speakers.
  9. Congrats! You have bought a very capable modeler. If you want to save a few bucks...I had very good luck with the Alto TS112a's which are $299 new. I owned a pair of QSC K12's and an Atomic CLR, and I would buy the Alto's again if I was going the FRFR route again. I'm very happy with my DT25. The perfect hybrid of modeling and tube.
  10. I use the mid focus eq after the mixer for a HP/LP filter. Turn the gain down to zero and it works great.
  11. Well, I don't own the Helix or I would (maybe someday). I'm a HD500X owner, but thought this would work for me too.
  12. Yeah, My HD sounds great with my DT25. I'm hoping the Art Tube MP will help with direct tones, and maybe even with amp sims. I also thought it may help some if I bypass the HD cabs and use IRs inside my daw. Lots of possibilities.
  13. Yeah, I want the volume to be balanced either on or off. It should work the same in the loop of the HD as the Helix. Like I said, no big risk. For $25 I'll give it a go!
  14. I bought a used one for $25. No big risk there...I may have it for sale soon, but I wanted to try it for myself. I'm pretty happy with my tone now, so we'll see.
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