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  1. The global EQ to my knowledge affects the entire signal path, so you'd be cutting(in this case) all the delays, reverbs etc. that are after the amp. I'd like to be able to cut just the highs on the cabinet, then let everything else "breath" if you will.
  2. It makes a huge difference! I was totally thrilled when they added it to the HD. Though having that feature in the cab section would be even better.
  3. Ok I'm a bit of a goof. How do I move this to the "HD" community. Didn't mean to post this here.
  4. Had an idea...anyone ever tried an external EQ in the effects loop with the loop "block" placed after the amp to roll the highs off? I know its been mentioned that using the global eq rolls off the highs of everything, including effects, and using some of the on-board eqs color the sound. Just thought this might be a work around to get rid of the unwanted freqs above 10khz since there is not one on the cab section? Well at least that's where I set mine.
  5. You aren't nuts...I'm sending my Helix back because of buyers remorse! :) I can't justify the extra $1000.00
  6. bsheen

    Back to HD500(X)

    It's generally when lightly muting a single note. Chords seem ok. Cab/mic doesn't seem to matter.
  7. bsheen

    Back to HD500(X)

    So the 500x will be here on Thursday. I'm pretty anxious to compare the helix side by side. I was going to send it back before the 500 arrives but decided to wait. I'm curious... One of my favorite amps for rhythms is the dual rec. Do any of you guys find that with helix it has this strange "pinched" sound? I think I remember the 5150 had this sound on the 500,but the dual rec did not. I've messed with the power amp settings, but it still has that weird sound. I've listened to Mesa's demos of the real amp and it doesn't sound like it does this. Also the Mesa Amplitube dual rec does not either. I'm thinking this might be part of my reasoning for going back to the 500.
  8. bsheen

    Back to HD500(X)

    Well I am not sure why I feel the need to share, but I'm going to anyway. Just my opinion.... After a long wait on the Helix and much deliberation on the new product, I've decided to move back to the 500 series. All whilst testing the Helix, I kept asking myself..."is this really worth the $1000.00 more than the 500?" Albeit great tones were achieved in the Helix, I don't feel for me its worth the extra money. I built a pretty extensive library of tones with the 500, and fortunately I still have saved on my pc, that quite frankly I think sound as good if not better than the Helix. Combine the 500 with amp sims and some custom IRs, and I think its a system that has tons of options for tone. So for me, I'm glad I tried the Helix to see what all of the buzz was about. But my gut says go back, so...that's what I'm doing!
  9. I got it to work, but I had to change the input on the Helix to a not connected input like aux, spdif, ect. I just saved a blank preset with the input changed to aux. Now you can compare the helix to any vst plugin.
  10. Anyone know the answer to my above question?
  11. Beautiful! Haven't tried through the App yet, but the preset button worked. And it was because of the 2048. Switched to 1024 and its all good. So, one more question...using the Helix as an audio interface, is there a way to monitor live playing of a vst plugin like amplitube through the headphone jack with out hearing a preset? All I want to hear is Amplitube, but through the Helix.
  12. I can't figure out to use more than one IR block at a time. It won't let me choose another IR Block when I am already using one. Also how do you switch to the user presets? Again I've tried switching in the drop down of the Helix preset/IR software, but can't get it to transfer. For what its worth I'm using Windows 10. I know when I go to the downloads site and windows 10 is selected, the Helix preset software doesn't show up that its even available. I switched the selection to W8 and was able to see the download and am using that copy. Thanks for any help.
  13. Sorry man, didn't mean to hijack...am interested in the helix vs. IR too.
  14. That's right, I forgot about those. I will mess around with them and see how they respond. I'm pretty stoked about the the Helix, but I got to say I've spent the last 4 years dialing in the 500, and have got some really great tones.
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