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Found 8 results

  1. Hi! Wondering if anyone knows if a new input jack would fix this. Or if i should chase something else. Here is what happens: JTV89F -> VDI -> HELIX. Mags give extra hum until I touch the end shroud of the VDI cable. Either end will do it. JTV end or HELIX end. It hums like a single coil. Using my 69S through the same path and I do not have the same issue. No change whatsoever when touching an end of the cable so I am thinking that at least rules out other components in the chain. Thoughts?
  2. I have a JTV89F purchased in June 2016 and has worked flawlessly through my old Flextone III Then in March this year purchased a DT25 amp and cab and a PODHD500X All hooked up using L6 link cable and digital interface lead Last 3 times I have used the guitar the sound randomly cuts out, if I'm runing delays or echo i can still hear the effect fade so the amp and Pod are most likely not the cause. There is no specific time when this occurs could be after 5 min, 10 min or half and hour and it cuts out randomly, might be for 1 second or up to maybe 5 seconds and then the sound comes back. After this occurs I've usually had enough and turn everything off and have a break. The light remains on the model selector switch so the guitar is still getting power. I use the guitar with the battery removed and in March I made sure all the firmware on each device was up to date. Any ideas
  3. The issue I'm having with my JTV-89F, is that when my modelling function is turned on, several of the strings do not respond properly and do not have consistent output. I can assume this is an issue with the piezo. Is there a way to reset the piezo to respond properly? I don't have a reason why this happened as it worked one day and then the next, not so much. I have searched for a solution but haven't found a resource that pertains specifically to my problem. Any thoughts? Thanks \m/
  4. Hello, brothers (and sisters) in Variax! :) I am not sure if this is the right forum branch to ask about it, but since I am the JTV user and the question is related, I'll give it a try! The question is: what would be a good tube amp to use with the JTV guitar mostly for the bedroom playing? Currently I have Roland Cube 40XL amp which suits me fine, but I always wanted to move on to the tube sound. I do not know if the difference is really significant or it is mostly the legend from the old times, but even Youtube videos show how different, vivid and rich the tube amps sound when played in "guitar straight to amp" chain. I went through the search engines to look for information and opinions differ from person to person which makes it pretty hard to understand for a person like me who has never played a tube amp before. From what I have understood, for a bedroom playing and recording straight into audio interface, even 5-10W should be more than enough. There are different brands, different tubes and so on, but what would be a good option to come along with the JTV guitar to showcase all of it's capabilities and beauty? If I could, I would get Line 6 amp, the part of the Dream Rig, but for the moment it is too expensive, so I have to look for something cheaper. In terms of sound, I would be happy to get something that could give me the VOX AC30 sound and some tones from the alternative rock of early and middle 90's, maybe even a bit grunge sound here and there. And would tube amps like Fender Greta or Crate V58 would be any good to get to know what a tube sound is? :D ;) Any advices, opinions and thoughts are welcome! -- Denis
  5. Hello all! We just posted a new video for the JTV89F and POD HD500X on the GearTunes site and you're invited to come on by - it's up on both of the following pages via the red "Video" tab. The HD500X page also includes a "Presets" tab where you can download a zip of the sounds used in the video... Cheers ~ Doug;)
  6. Trouble free upgrade yesterday afternoon. Easy editing of alt tunings as well as easy to assign to the tuning knob - thanks Line6. Moved a couple of models around so that they matched my HD500 presets, then off to the gig. Having been with Variax and Pod for 10 years (two 500's) and now the 89f, I have to say that this upgrade is fantastic, almost spiritual. The physical characteristics of the guitar itself just disappear into the tone and feel of the emulations. The snap (tele), the squank (strat), the overtones and presence (les paul), the warmth (jazz boxes) and last but not least the jangle (rick 12s). What a great time to be alive.... PS- I guess you can tell that I love this damn thing.
  7. I recently purchased a JTV89f and I'm experiencing issues with alternate tunings specifically drop tunings. Factory Settings My Settings Standard E A D G B E E A D G B E DROP D D A D G B E E G D G B E ½ DOWN Eb Ab Db Gb Bb Eb Eb Ab Db Gb Bb Eb DROP Db Db Ab Eb Gb Bb Eb Eb Gb Db Gb Bb Eb 1 DOWN D G C F A D D G C F A D DROP C C G C F A D D F C F A D Min3 DOWN Db Gb B E Ab Db Db Gb B E Ab Db DROP B Bb Gb B E Ab Db ? E B E Ab Db M3 DOWN C F Bb Eb G C C F Bb Eb G C DROP Bb Bb F Bb Eb G C ? Eb Bb Eb G C BARITONE B E A D F# B B E A D F# B Discrepancies are found on the 6th and 5th strings only. I have reflashed the guitar, changed strings, reprogrammed patches via virtual capo. Virtual capo settings are erratic in pitch and tone. I have to reflash to stablize the drop tuning. Anyway to fix this or do I need return the instrument? Thanks in advanced ... Greg
  8. I am having some quacking issues on my jtv89f. Quacking may not be the right word but if a dig into my G string I get a distorted bark for lack of a better word, I will try a reflash to see if this helps but any other ideas would be welcome.
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