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  1. After having two Variax 500's and now an 89f and 59p, I have to confess that I have not used a magnetic pickup in 15 years. Not even once! I have never had a problem with firmware updates or software. Only a few piezo issues in all this time. I've used Pod Pro, XT live, HD500, Pod Farm and have always been able to get "the sound". I've done many shows and events, indoor and outdoor, at Disney World, played in many different bands of all styles as well as doing a single act with midi sequences which I currently do at a local cantina in my new home of Baja California, MX. My 73 Les Paul(bought new) and Fender Blues Deluxe are under the stairs in cases, all my Tobias custom guitars are sold...I, for one am never looking back... Just wanting to share my experience... I know that this approach is not for everyone, but to have an extremely versatile rig for a couple thousand bucks is amazing... And it keeps getting better all the time. ross
  2. Great trouble free update - both editors open, string volumes, strat fixed, pop gone, fast model loading in workbench....thanks Line6 programming team...
  3. Trouble free upgrade yesterday afternoon. Easy editing of alt tunings as well as easy to assign to the tuning knob - thanks Line6. Moved a couple of models around so that they matched my HD500 presets, then off to the gig. Having been with Variax and Pod for 10 years (two 500's) and now the 89f, I have to say that this upgrade is fantastic, almost spiritual. The physical characteristics of the guitar itself just disappear into the tone and feel of the emulations. The snap (tele), the squank (strat), the overtones and presence (les paul), the warmth (jazz boxes) and last but not least the jangle (rick 12s). What a great time to be alive.... PS- I guess you can tell that I love this damn thing.
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