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Found 5 results

  1. I thought I'd start a new topic on this as it could be missed in my reply to another thread... Copy/paste from Graphtech's response to my query regarding the piezo bleed problem in alt tunings: Thank you for the email and support of Graph Tech. I would be happy to comment on your predicament. I have heard some industry feedback that the Line6 platform is somewhat susceptible to some moderate cross-talk (especially when it comes to alternate tunings). Although you can add a mechanical divider of some kind, the best option is to create space between saddles to reduce "bleed". You can remove small amounts of material off the side to improve coupling I hope that helps I responded asking the best way to attack it without damaging the piezos - I await with bated breath, before sallying forth with the bastard file... :ph34r: Can't wait to get rid of the cross-talk problem in alternate tunings - it was there before changing to the Ghosts, but I think they make it worse than the L R Baggs piezos - the only way in which the original piezos were better than the Ghosts IMO. As soon as I get the reply to the latest query to Graphtech, I'll put it up here.
  2. I just got my guitar a few days ago and I noticed you can't turn on any alternate tunings unless you select a guitar model. I also noticed that the tuning knob seems to be useless when I try to use ti while using a custom model I have saved to Custom 1 or Custom 2. What am I doing wrong? How do I get the alternate tuning knob to work when the guitar is set to Custom 1 or Custom 2? I really didn't expect it to be this tough to just play the guitar as it sounds and alter it's tuning as I please.
  3. I got my JVT59 and POD HD500 because of the alternate tuning feature. I have no skin sensation in my hands and some paralysis so I open tune and use a "Guitar Barre" to fret. With the POD I can get 4 different types of chords using presets, for instance A (M), B (m), C (M7), D (Maj7). This is great, but is still limiting; much better than just Major chords w/o my Line 6. It not only limits chords but also limits effects on the POD. When switching from A to B, all of the effects have to be the same settings and on or off in the same configuration. I want to make a pedal board that just switches the tuning; in theory this is simple. The problem is I don't want to destroy the original tuning selector and destroy the function all together. Does anyone know how to get a second rotary selector switch to wire into a new pedal or some other way to achieve my goal? As I told Line6 in a letter last year the JVT and HD500 combo can enable may people like me, who can no longer play conventionally, express themselves. Thanks for any input.
  4. Hi all I'm brand new to the Variax and was thrilled to receive my new JTV69 a couple of days ago. After charging the battery I gave the JTV69 a run out on the first evening and everything was fine - model selector knob lit up and switched perfectly between the models, alternate tunings worked etc. Unplugged it from my amp overnight. But when I came to it the next day it was dead. I thought it might be the battery so recharged for a few hours and replaced - all four green lights are coming on at the back when I test so that looks OK. But the model selector switch and tunings still aren't working - it's like they're dead. It plays fine through the normal pickups however. I've looked through the forum and seen the tips on sticking a bit of paper into the end of the knob - that hasn't worked. My question is this: as I'm getting no "life" at all from the Variax functions, might a restore/flash refresh work? Or does that only work when the basic modelling functions are already working and there are other problems? I've (obviously) not done this before, but have seen the instructions on doing this through Line 6 Monkey on the site. I've opened a support ticket about the problem but no answer yet and I just want to do what I can to get it working over the weekend. Any advice on this (or indeed any other bright suggestions) greatly appreciated! Many thanks. Rupert
  5. I recently purchased a JTV89f and I'm experiencing issues with alternate tunings specifically drop tunings. Factory Settings My Settings Standard E A D G B E E A D G B E DROP D D A D G B E E G D G B E ½ DOWN Eb Ab Db Gb Bb Eb Eb Ab Db Gb Bb Eb DROP Db Db Ab Eb Gb Bb Eb Eb Gb Db Gb Bb Eb 1 DOWN D G C F A D D G C F A D DROP C C G C F A D D F C F A D Min3 DOWN Db Gb B E Ab Db Db Gb B E Ab Db DROP B Bb Gb B E Ab Db ? E B E Ab Db M3 DOWN C F Bb Eb G C C F Bb Eb G C DROP Bb Bb F Bb Eb G C ? Eb Bb Eb G C BARITONE B E A D F# B B E A D F# B Discrepancies are found on the 6th and 5th strings only. I have reflashed the guitar, changed strings, reprogrammed patches via virtual capo. Virtual capo settings are erratic in pitch and tone. I have to reflash to stablize the drop tuning. Anyway to fix this or do I need return the instrument? Thanks in advanced ... Greg
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