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  1. Tried reflash this afternoon. 1/4" lead plugged in, volume knob on, VDI cable connected to interface. But red flashing light on USB interface and Line 6 Monkey says "ESN: none". I am assuming all of that means that my JTV isn't getting recognised because it isn't powering up at all. What's bizarre is that it worked perfectly for one evening and was then like this the very next morning. In between it was safely in its gig bag! I guess I'd better get back to the seller. Thanks to all of you for the help on here anyway.
  2. Thanks Jack. Just tried that, but no joy. Even if I take the knob off completely and press the switch down with my finger it doesn't activate anything....which I guess it should do? Appreciate the suggestion though. Rupert
  3. Hi all I'm brand new to the Variax and was thrilled to receive my new JTV69 a couple of days ago. After charging the battery I gave the JTV69 a run out on the first evening and everything was fine - model selector knob lit up and switched perfectly between the models, alternate tunings worked etc. Unplugged it from my amp overnight. But when I came to it the next day it was dead. I thought it might be the battery so recharged for a few hours and replaced - all four green lights are coming on at the back when I test so that looks OK. But the model selector switch and tunings still aren't working - it's like they're dead. It plays fine through the normal pickups however. I've looked through the forum and seen the tips on sticking a bit of paper into the end of the knob - that hasn't worked. My question is this: as I'm getting no "life" at all from the Variax functions, might a restore/flash refresh work? Or does that only work when the basic modelling functions are already working and there are other problems? I've (obviously) not done this before, but have seen the instructions on doing this through Line 6 Monkey on the site. I've opened a support ticket about the problem but no answer yet and I just want to do what I can to get it working over the weekend. Any advice on this (or indeed any other bright suggestions) greatly appreciated! Many thanks. Rupert
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