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  1. Hi real zap. Give it a go you might find it is cool for you too! No it's not noisy at all......i have a Mesa Boogie MKIII (1983) and a Peavey back stage,have tried setting up all ways, and this turned out great. Don't knock it till you have tried it. Cheers
  2. Try plugging a stereo jack plug (with two mono leads attached!)in to the headphone in, on the Pod, If you are lucky enough to have two amps(set them both pretty much flat) plug the two mono leads into the front Gtr inputs,Gtr into the pod set the master on the Pod at around 4 (10 o'clock)and use the studio direct not amp front or power amp setting....i am getting a great sound with this set up!................... At last!!! any questions please ask.
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