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  1. Actually I have been seeing the opposite. A couple of months ago I saw a couple of online places that had the JTV-69s in gold(Sweetwater or zZounds) for $899, now the price on the 69s has gone to $999 in gold $1399 for the others. The HSS 69 is $999 and if you want Lake Placid it is $1399. Same with the 59. originally $1499, dropped to $1299, now back to $1499. Supply and demand in action
  2. Some would say better, some the same, some worse. I have a 500 and a JTV-59 and thing it's a mixed bag for me but there are other very real reasons to upgrade, some of which Clay-man stated. - The separate alt tuning knob is one of those things that you never knew you needed, no need for workbench and you can do an alt tuning on the fly just on the guitar and store it in about 45 seconds. - You can now apply virtual capo and alt tunings to the 12 string models. - I think the build quality is marginally better. - True magnetic pickups (finally!). I can't speak to the 69 or 69s but the mags on the 59 are not too bad (although I may still change mine out). So if everything goes south in the middle of a set (piezo dies, battery drains etc) you still have a fully functioning regular guitar. Also you may find that you can find good deals on a 69 or 69s if the "metal" look on the 89 is off-putting but I have noticed that prices seem to have gone back up in the last few weeks? Just my 2 rusty pennies
  3. Thanks for all of the responses folks. Might try the 69s.
  4. When the JTVs were first released I had ordered a 69 but then read about all of the issues with the necks (srings dropping off the side with hammer ons and bends etc). This caused me to change my order to a JTV-59. What I have found though is that I just cannot get used to the 59 baseball bat neck so I was thinking of selling it and getting a JTV-69s. Have the neck issues been fixed (I would hope so by now)? I was also considering a JTV-89 but I'm not a shredder and Floyd Rose trems are a PITA for me. TIA
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