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  1. Thank´s for the video. Very helpful. I mailed that guy...Holland...It turned out it´s an old listing, Fredrik
  2. Thank´r for replying. Yes, I found Keymusic too, but then I checked their user ratings and thought I´d better check out other options first. You are right about the power supply. I replaced it twice before..LOL! I´ll have to learn how to measure it with a multimeter.
  3. This is the second XPS A/B that breaks here. I have a Variax 600 that I simply have to play since I am under pressure to finish a record. The XPS A/B seems to be out of stock everywhere. Is it possible to have it repaired? Is there anything I can replace it with? Fredrik
  4. I have used a Variax 600 for 8 years or so, and also got a JTV-59 Variax. I have very little experience from working in Workbench, and have a few questions. Please bear with me. Does the old Workbench have the option to adjust string levels? Is the Workbench HD only for the new generation of Variaxes? Where can I find a guide for Workbench/Workbench HD? The reason I am asking is that I have a friend who also has a Variax 600. He says the 1st string is almost dead. I had this idea that this could possibly be adjusted in workbench, but I guess I am wrong. Fredrik
  5. Thank´s! Do you have any idea what the minimum price could be. The reason I ask that is that I plan to somehow get enough money to buy a JTV.
  6. I have an old Variax 600. I played it an awful lot for 8 years. For a period of maybe 6 months up to a year or so, I noticed varying output. For a while I believed that the issue was with something later in the signal chain, not the Variax, but Now I am sure. And it even happens that it goes completely silent. I guess I could have it repaired but obviously there cannot be any wararnty after such a long time. Under the support section on this page it says that I should check properly if it is really broken. So I wonder: Did anyone experience the same symptoms? Anything I overlooked that could have caused the signal to suddenly disappear? I replaced the stereo cable so should not be that. Any ideas what it could cost to have it fixed? Thank´s ! Fredrik
  7. I´m also curious about various aspects of the functionality. Are the tuning functions controllable from a midi pedal like the Pod? Can you switch between magnetic mics and piezo via midi?
  8. OK, so the 3000 Variax just means you pay extra to have it customized? Wow!
  9. I am thinking that some time in the future I´ll by a JTV Variax. I have the old Variax and played it so much that I had to get all the frets changed. My impression is that the JTV have better sounding acoustic models, but I cannot tell for sure when all I have is youtube clips. When I look at prices I see a range from roughly 900 € to 3000 €. I don´t see any info on what these top models have that the cheaper doesn´t have. ????
  10. After much internal debate (in me) I decided to go for refretting. I think I´ll pick up a JTV later, though. More horsepower for modeling sounds like a great idea. I thought I could hear better sounding acoustic models on an online demo, but I dont trust it 100% before I tried it myself. The capability to have alternate tunings for the 12-string models also makes sense to me, though I rarely switch tunings.
  11. Moving away a bit from the original topic I would like to know, has anyone here compared the JTV Variaxes with earlier Variaxes and do they sound better?
  12. OK, thanks a lot for your responses, guys. So then it should not be too hard to fix the problem if it comes back. About the JTV-89: I expect to be able to play anything on it. But the thing is it will signal metal to the audience if I use it on stage, and that is not what I do. By the way, it seems the price varies a lot between the models. Why is that? I am also curious about the sound quality. Does it sound a lot better than the old generation of Variaxes?
  13. I have Variax600 that I bought 6 years ago. I have played it so much that I need to have the frets changed, if I want to keep on using it. But recently it happened that the first string was really low in its ouput. The problem came and went over a few days but then disappeared and has not come back since. Almost like a cold! What could the reason be and what could it cost to have it fixed, if it comes back, now that the warranty is probably long overdue? To get new frets (this time stainless steel to make them last) would cost me the equivalent of 470 USD, whereas a used JTV-89 (if it is not already sold) would cost 620 USD. A ridiculous point in my considerations: I like the look of my Variax, but the used JTV-89 says"you play metal on me" with its design, which I could get over with some disciplin....
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