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  1. Filters from the POD HD / M Series ( Growler, Octisynth ) ,,,, Better reverbs please :))))))))))))))
  2. I have to agree. Epic really is a killer high gain model. I would love to know which amps Line 6 drew from for inspiration on it. It's one of their best ones ever. It sounds out of this world through my DT50 half stack.
  3. I really love all 3 channels of the SLO 100. Always been a big fan of the crunch channel on it, back from the PodHD days, so much versatility in it. For High gain lately I just can't get enough of Line6 Epic. Just such searing, even, focused, scorching tone. Line 6 never gave up the goods on what amps inspired it. But am I wrong to think it's the closet thing we have to a Diezel VH4 in the Helix ? Also the new Badonk model really is a force to be reckoned with, makes me want to play loud,,, like REALLY LOUD !!!!
  4. Greetings !! Just picked up a shiny new Helix. Have it hooked up to my DT50 head with Line6 Link. Recommendations for setting the topology on the front panel ? Right now I have it on voicing 4 and pentode. Any other recommendations for settings ? I play primarily high to mid gain. I am aware of the options to set it up with midi cables, just not ready to go there yet. Also, for this type of set up what option should I be using in the Amp Block ? Amp & Cab, Amp, or Preamp ? I'm assuming amp and cab is for running when I'm running Helix into a Daw or PA. I am a former HD500 user. Cheers !!!
  5. Greetings all Just about to pull the trigger on a Helix or an Axe8. The long time Line 6 customer in me is leaning towards the Helix, especially since I have a JTV and a DT50 half stack. I'm very curious about the Axe8 as from what i can gather online from reviews and comparisons the Axe8 appears to have a very slight edge in modelling quality and tone. Getting to the point, with all the previous versions of the PODs you always had to put a compressor or a drive pedal in front the amp model to really get it sounding and feeling good and the gain really sizzling. As opposed to plugging into the real amp and rarely needing one. Is it still like this with the Helix ? I know this is a very subjective question, but a lot of Line6 users I know feel the same way. Unfortunately I'm unable to demo either in advance as no stores where I live will stock the Helix, and obviously Axe8 is by order only. Opinions and thoughts appreciated. Happy Monday !!!!!
  6. Haha, sorry i forgot to mention that part !! Yeah the Canadian $$ is not fairing so well right now. I forget often that most of the people on the forum are south of the border too. Thanks again !!!!
  7. Sold my 59 privately on Kijiji the day for $800. I am happy with that ( so was the chap who bought it :) ) . Now to put the $$ towards a Helix :))))))))))))))))))))
  8. I have a JTV-59 in excellent condition. It had the plink issue, I went on workbench and lowered the piezo volume and resolved the issue. Having sorted this I felt fine about trading it in. I took it to the Local store i purchased it from to put it towards a Helix, ( a very reputable national chain that I have an excellent relationship with ) and the best they would offer me is $500 !!!! Their reasoning was that every JTV they have sold had to go back with some sort of issue or another and were very nervous about taking one on trade !!!! I understand their reasoning, but it looks like I am stuck with it now as it is passed warranty !!!! I AM FURIOUS !!!!!!!!!!!!!!! So careful folks, it doesn't look like they hold their value at all. SERIOUSLY,,,, PISSED,,,,,, OFF !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  9. For plugins I have been using Thermionik by Kazrog. It has vastly superior amp tone to the HD500, especially for high gain. You also will have to get their Recabinet software too. Well worth it. I am also picking up a Helix in the near future too !! What an amazing time to be a guitarist !!! Cheers !!!
  10. Going back to the old firmware does NOT resolve the issue. It's the piezo for sure. I hooked up my 59 to workbench and tried the trick where you lower the string volume on the piezo to 75% on each string and the plink is gone !!!! Completely got rid of it !!! So sometimes the piezo could be too hot i guess. This one is well documented here on the forums and shows you how to do it. Hope this helps out. Cheers !!
  11. Hey thanks for the response !!! I suspected that might be the case. That one I played at the music store the other day played soooooooo much nicer than mine. So much more that I'm thinking I might trade my current one in and put it towards a Helix, and buy that one at the store seeing as its not a new profile spec and is a "special one" that I likely won't find one that nice again. Cheers !!!
  12. Greetings !!!! I purchased a JTV-59 back in 2013. I was playing a 59 in a local music store the other day and it had a much nicer and thinner neck profile, and the profile of the top was much different too. Anyone notice this who owns an older model and has been able to play more recent and current ones ? I do realize they will all feel a bit different, but these were very big differences in neck and body profile ( all good ones too ). Perhaps Line 6 was listening to user feedback and making tweaks as they went along the last few years. Thoughts ? Cheers !!!
  13. I tried this last night, and good news !!!! IT WORKED !!!! I lowered my string sensitivity to 70% on all string and the plink is gone !!!! I highly recommend everyone give this a go. I hope everyone has the same success as i did :)
  14. Thank you Line 6 for the update. Nice to know you guys are working on it and have been reading this thread. Cheers.
  15. Greetings all, a few more thoughts on this issue. While I'm sure Line 6 is working hard on a solution for this issue, here are a few more things on my brain. If they manage to find a solution by software update great, but I really don't think they will. If they don't manage to find a solution with software but do find a solution parts wise ( like replacing the piezo etc ) obviously a recall should be done regardless of whether customers are past warranty and the repair work done at no charge. If there is no solution from either of those 2 routes Line 6 should exchange all Variax guitars with the plink issue for new ones without it. Hopefully there is a fix, but if there isn't I strongly feel we should still be looked after. It's the right thing to do. Cheers
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