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Found 7 results

  1. IR life is getting better. I acquired a Line 6 Spider Valve MKII HD100 6L6 tube head this weekend. It was a pawn shop special that needed some love, clean up, and biasing, but it is up and running perfectly now! I have to say this must be one of the most neutral tube amps I have ever heard. It's just a step more coloration than solid state and not nearly as much coloration as my Mesa amps. It has even less coloration than my Randall RM100 head (Egnater designed for different preamp modules), which I thought was really neutral. It must be the Bogner amp design to work well with Line 6 modelers...and it sounds FANTASTIC with Helix. Helix amp-only models>Helix 1/4" out >1/4" SV power amp in>Recto 212 is now my main rig, even over all of my other Mesa amps. I dropped about $40 on on 7 packs of 3 Sigma IR's today. I really liked the online sound clips and comparisons and their site info. But when I got them into Helix, I was still pretty uninspired from the tones, similar vibes to other IR's like the Ownhammer and Redwire demos, as well as Helix cabs. I actually was able to get sounds I liked better with the Helix cabs. I think they would probably be really good if i were to run my physical amps into them. Regardless, I went into the sound cave with new inspiration, determined to make IR's that I liked better with Helix amps. Anyway...blah, blah, blah, gimme the IR's fool......okay!!! Two mics this time: Shure SM57 and Audix D1. The Audix D1 has stays stronger in the low to low-mid frequency range than the SM57. This results in a little more low end, and boosted midrange. The SM57 has a bit of scoop to it. The Audix D1 does have more highs to it as well. Actually, i think the Audix D1 makes a good guitar cab mic. You can Google the frequency response curves of each and see for yourself. The off-axis (oa) 2 positions of each seem to be closest to amp/cab in room sound. The L6SV_R212_oa2D57 will probably be my new front of house PA XLR path block now, and I will send Helix amp-only to the power amp of my SV amp/Recto 212. These IR's made with the L6 SVMKII HD100 power section are very neutral, especially for a tube amp. These IR's work really well with all Helix amp models with little coloration. I think they really let the nuances and fine controls of the Helix amp models shine through and give more control of sound back to Helix. As I have done with previous v3 IRs, mics were positioned and oriented for the best Helix amp model into power amp/cab tones. Not just typical generic positions. Next week we'll get back to colored IR's. My new Mesa Triple Recto Multiwatt will be up to bat. Have a great weekend!!! Link to main IR folder
  2. Hello All, Where do most of you have the preset channel volumes at? On my 2011 Spider Valve mkII 212 Combo, I have them in the 40's and 50's and I am not even at 9 o'clock on the master when gigging and it is plenty loud. Should I ratchet those preset channel volumes down even further (10-20) and jack up the master (noon or so)?. I am sure that is better for the distorted presets where it will really heats up the gain/tone, but what about my clean channel? Ideally clean should have high channel/low master volume and vice versa on the distorted presets, no? I have a lot of songs where I switch between clean and dirty and solo (think Skid Row "I Remember You") and I just want to stomp on the preset buttons and not use the volume pedal. Right now I have everything balanced in the presets so I just switch back and forth between presets using the switches on FBV without using the volume pedal at all. Any thoughts????? Thanks! Joe Venezia
  3. Hello Everyone, I'm Jon, and I'm making my first newbie post. Thanks for having me over. I was wondering if it would be possible to transfer tones/patches from my PODXT Live, to my Spider Valve MKII? I know that typically, you can't transfer across different platforms, but I thought I would ask if maybe anyone has tried it, either by MIDI, or other method? Thanks, Jon Current Line 6 Gear; POD 2.0 bean, (2) POD Pro 1.0, (2) PODXT Live, Flextone III, Spider III, Spider Valve MKII, (3) Floor Board, (2) FBV Shortboard MKI, FBV Express MKII.
  4. I have a Spider Valve 112 MKII and I am using my FBV Shortboard MKI. Is it worth the money to upgrade to a FBV Shortboard MKII?
  5. I have found out on here that resetting amp will not take firmware from 2.00 to 1.17 on the Spider Valve MKII 212. I am getting the fbv shortboard this week (on its way). My question is do I need to reset amp first, then DL 1.17 off here or can i just get the 1.17? I am not worried about losing anything. I have my main dirty settings written down. Just what's the best way to go about this? I tralked to tech support 2 weeks ago and they told me once in monkey click on upload from file and find 1.17. Just didn't know if I needed to reset first or would amp automatically reset when i get 1.17 back. Thanks anyone.
  6. Hey everyone, I tried doing some research but couldn't find anyone with a similar issue. Both myself and other guitar player have Spider Valve MKII's. We love the amps and they are convenient for what we do. In our rehearsal space, the amps work pretty much flawlessly. Its a small room so we never really have to turn them up past 2 but they are plenty loud. We play usually 1-2 times a week and 2-3 hours each night. We've played a few shows recently and at all the shows both amps had intermittent issues. My amp specifically started randomly switching to "manual" mode about half way through at 45 minute set. The other guitarist amps seemed to lose the presets completely and had to be turned off and on a few times for the presets to show up. The ONLY difference between the live settings vs our rehearsal space is the location and that we turned the amps to about 3 or 4. Has anyone experienced this issue when driving the amps at a louder volume? Do you think it could be a electrical voltage issue? Any insight would be greatly appreciated. Thank you! -Joe
  7. I have an aging Peavey Special 212 with a zoom g9.2tt for my effects, that is starting to develop problems as my backup amp. I have decided on Line 6 as my new backup amp. However I am torn I have a pretty nice main rig but for smaller venues and nights I feel lazy enough not to lug a 412. My 2 choices right now are the Spider IV 150 212 and the Spider Valve 212. I have tried both in store and was impressed by both but since I was attempting to be mindful of those around me I couldnt give either a proper test. Any feedback from anyone familliar with both models? Also I have a nice assortment of speakers at my house I was wondering if swapping the speakers voided warranty.
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