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  1. I'm ordering a power conditioner now and I'll update this post once I've tested it out at a gig. tx for the response!
  2. I just posted about my issue here http://line6.com/support/topic/3514-spider-valve-mkii-randomly-going-to-manual-mode-and-other-odd-issues/ which after reading your posts seems like it could be related. I am going to try what you said. Thanks for updating the post with the fix you found!
  3. Hey everyone, I tried doing some research but couldn't find anyone with a similar issue. Both myself and other guitar player have Spider Valve MKII's. We love the amps and they are convenient for what we do. In our rehearsal space, the amps work pretty much flawlessly. Its a small room so we never really have to turn them up past 2 but they are plenty loud. We play usually 1-2 times a week and 2-3 hours each night. We've played a few shows recently and at all the shows both amps had intermittent issues. My amp specifically started randomly switching to "manual" mode about half way through at 45 minute set. The other guitarist amps seemed to lose the presets completely and had to be turned off and on a few times for the presets to show up. The ONLY difference between the live settings vs our rehearsal space is the location and that we turned the amps to about 3 or 4. Has anyone experienced this issue when driving the amps at a louder volume? Do you think it could be a electrical voltage issue? Any insight would be greatly appreciated. Thank you! -Joe
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