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  1. LOL. Thanks for the input. What I planned on doing was..... Run pre effects (phaser, Flanger) to my amp and have only that sound coming from my amp. Push my amp tone (preamp out) through the hd500 with post effects out thru xlr cables to PA speakers. I was able to achive this, but the sound from my PA speakers was a mess. So I tried to run my amp thru one channel of the pod muted and using the HD 500s amp sim with effects thru Channel B and out to my PA speakers. What I got was bleed over into channel B from my 5150. I think what im trying to do is possible, but maybe not with PA speakers.
  2. Okay guys. I need suggestions, please. I just purchased a new 5150iii combo amp and I'm looking to setup a wet, dry rig if possible. I have the pod HD500x and PA speakers. Is my idea mad, impossible or easily done?? Thank you in advance for the help.
  3. LoL good one rad. She likes my music, not the time I invest into it. I purchased the HDx new from GC. I run it in studio direct and have adjusted the 2 inputs accordingly. I have tweaked every aspect of the line in and out options. I've read the user manual several times and no luck. I understand the dynamics between head phones and monitors I learned a lot of that in dealing with my GT-10.
  4. Hello, new pod owner here. Upgraded from GT-10 to pod HD500x. I've had my HD for 2 weeks now and have downloaded and constructed a few patches using my headphones. When i play thru my monitors, my patches sound the same regardless of what amp sim I use. The tones sound muddy and thick. (to much bass.) Last night my wife was listening and told me my speakers sound like they have a towel draped over them. I turned the bass down on the unit itself and no change. Turned the tone knob up, no change. All i could do was laugh and make fun of my new piece of expensive gear I begged to purchase. Then I started started twisting the master volume nob clock wise and counter. Back and forth, back and forth increasing and decreasing my patch level. Suddenly the sound woke up no more bass or mud in that particular patch. I haven't tried this technique on any of the other patches yet. What gives? Does anyone else have this problem?
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