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  1. joestides

    Can I create more than 32 banks on Spider V?

    Like was said before, you can back up the entire default banks on your computer, or save what individual factory tones you want to use. I have a have a set of blank banks available for download here on this forum, if you want to start from scratch... No lie, they did the same thing on the Spider IV, only the spider IV had like 100 or something tones that weren't in the banks.
  2. joestides

    G10T suddenly stopped charging

    I found this out the hard way as well. The light on the G10T lights up when the amp is off, but when I turned the amp back on, the battery was drained. I've also noticed that if I leave it unplugged from the amp for a bit, it takes a bit for it to re pair with the amp and it needs to charge. No biggie. I just turn on my amp a few minutes before I want to play and plug the G10T in.
  3. joestides

    Issue with stereo effects on 240 HC

    no.. turned off the tap light and the clicking still continues
  4. joestides

    Issue with stereo effects on 240 HC

    We have a Spider V user group on Facebook and one of our members told us about this mono clicking issue he's getting. Basically happens when you output to a cabinet mono, (one cable plugged in) and have amp modeling off, and set the mix to 70% on certain effects and you get this rhythmic clicking sound. Being that I also had an 240 HC, I decided to try and see if mine did it as well, and it does. He has sent his amp back to the retailer multiple times, had all the circuitry replaced and what not. The final summation that it was a firmware issue that Line 6 had to fix. Only problem is it is on the following effects: all of the reverbs except for the 3 spring reverbs and the Brite Room. The Stereo Delay and Ping Pong Delay The Sine Chorus, Line 6 Flanger, Rotary Drum+Horn, Auto Pan, Stereo Square Chorus, Stereo Expo Chorus, Hi-Talk, Sweeper This only happens if you have amp modeling off and plugged in mono to the cabinet... Link to Video showing issue. Can anyone else reproduce this issue?
  5. joestides

    Getting Spider V Remote App Set for the Next Gig

    Cool man here you go! What I would do is individually save to disk the tones you made, and, if any, the factory tones you want to use.. I'd also back up the entire bank to disk, just in case something silly happens. then I would hit restore to load up the blank bank, by clicking "restore".... then I would import my tones into the slots you want them. Loading up the blank bank virtually erases all the tones, and gives you 128 slots to park your own tones in. Then it's a matter of just selecting them. BTW if you have a FBV shortboard Mark II or an FBV 3, you can switch between your tones way easier.
  6. joestides

    Getting Spider V Remote App Set for the Next Gig

    Use a windows laptop or tablet and the Windows version of the Spider Remote. It's easier to create and swap out tones, or even the entire tone bank, than using the mobile app. Also I've posted a blank tone bank that allows you to start with no tones loaded to make your own custom tone bank... which might be ideal if you are switching between several instruments.
  7. joestides

    Smart Harmony

  8. joestides

    Will the Tone Cloud feature ever be added to the PC app?

    You can access the Tone Cloud through Custom Tone now.... You have been able to for about two months. You can download and upload tones for Spider V, and import them easily into the windows app. https://line6.com/customtone/browse/spiderv/
  9. joestides

    Is that it done for Firmware ?

    It would be nice if they added: More drum loops w/ tempo control, or added a feature where we could add our own drum loops. Add proper pitch Bend and Smart Harmony effects that were on the Spider IV Straighten out the weird volume bogs that seem to happen still on some of the amps, especially when using an FBV 3 Straighten out interactivity between the amps and devices (I know this may be dependent on the OSes rather than the Amp firmware.
  10. joestides

    Spider V Remote pc win10

    Por favor perdona mi español. Estoy usando Google Translate. Le sugiero que desinstale y luego vuelva a instalar los controladores Spider V. Asegúrese de instalarlos antes de conectar su Spider V a la computadora. Una vez que haya terminado de instalar los controladores, asegúrese de que su amplificador esté utilizando la versión de firmware 1.05. Puede hacer esto manteniendo presionado el botón de la casa en su Spider V hasta que se muestren las configuraciones. Le dirá qué versión de firmware está utilizando su Spider V. Si su Spider V no está usando el firmware 1.05, descargue e instale el actualizador de Line 6. Conecte su Spider V a su computadora y luego ejecute el Actualizador de Line 6. Elija actualizar a v1.05. Una vez completado, inicie Spider V Remote. Esperemos que todo funcione. Si no es así, intente una conexión USB diferente.
  11. joestides

    Spider V Blank Tone and Fresh Start Banks for Download.

    That's pretty cool... you should upload that.
  12. joestides

    Spider V Blank Tone and Fresh Start Banks for Download.

    I was wondering if there is another starter bank I can make.... any ideas are welcomed... what is another good starting point?
  13. joestides

    Will my FBV Mk11 work with the new Spider V 60 amp?

    Yes... my fbv shortboard mark II works fine with my 240hc
  14. joestides

    C'mon Line6...get the android working right

    Dunno why that is... my other son's s9 works fine. Maybe back up your contacts then do a factory reset. Seems extreme, but it's probably some other app interfering with it.
  15. joestides

    China Grove Tone File Anyone?