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  1. joestides

    Time for an update!

    It needs the Smart Harmonizer... no idea why they left that out.
  2. joestides

    List of Cheap Android Tablets?? Please

    Microcenter has a 7 in Azpen Tablet for 30 bucks. It is a piece of crap buuuut, it will run the Spider Remote okay, and it has both a usb port and an ac charging port. Link To Microcenter Walmart sometimes has a couple of Tablets for under $50, From RCA and other manufacturers. I'd swing by their electronics section and see what you can score. Since the Spider Remote Tone cloud is now available on Customtone, if you have laptop available, you really don't need to the mobile app anymore.
  3. joestides

    Smart Harmony

    It's probably been brought up before... but what would it take to get this Effect, added to the Spider V.... It seems to be the only effect that the Spider IV has that the Spider V does not? I saw there was a thing on IdeaScale for it, https://line6.ideascale.com/a/dtd/Add-Smart-Harmony-To-Spider-V/857958-23508#idea-tab-comments, ... This needs to be added. There is a Synth Harmony, but that is not the same....
  4. joestides

    Spider V Custom Tones now usable

    Well I searched for "Queen" on the android app and got back 30 results... When I searched on Custom tone... I only got back 8 results.....buuuuuut Just for giggles I uploaded a tone from android, and low and behold there it was on the customtone site... so whatever. lol
  5. joestides

    Spider V Custom Tones now usable

    Well at first I thought they were different... There seems to be some tones that are on both, and a bunch that are just on the cloud... so now I'm not sure.
  6. joestides

    Spider V Blank Tone and Fresh Start Banks for Download.

    Something is goofy with that site. I was just looking and it have tones I downloaded and saved using the android app, listed as "my tones" but the tones under the original author weren't there.... goofy
  7. joestides

    Spider V Blank Tone and Fresh Start Banks for Download.

    I saw that yesterday... I did a comparison search and I don't think that they are using the same database, due to the disparity in search results.
  8. Yes but the site doesn't share a database with the cloud as of yet .... check it. Searching Queen on the Custome Tone site gets you 8 results... searching it on the cloud on the Android, gets you 30+. Furthermore I don't think you can download the custometone files to your android and use them with the android app.... it would be nice though if they would merge the two databases...
  9. joestides

    Spider V Custom Tones now usable

    Yeah pretty much, you can download Tones here https://line6.com/customtone/browse/spiderv/ or from the cloud.... The databases of tones on the site and cloud are not the same. You can also run the Android App in a virtual machine on a PC which will give you access to the tones in the Cloud, and allow you to edit them in the PC version without having to swap the connections between your phone/mobile device and your PC.
  10. joestides

    Spider V Blank Tone and Fresh Start Banks for Download.

    Well if you want you can export the ones you want and then import them into the blank one. My thing is that I waste more time scrolling through sounds than actually making them (I might have a touch of ADD). With the banks above you have solid starting points to craft them. The one with the amps has already worked pretty well for me in shopping for sounds, and has helped to take make the available features bit less overwhelming and a bit more digestible.
  11. joestides

    Spider V Blank Tone and Fresh Start Banks for Download.

    Shameless bump because I've added more files. If anyone has any ideas for improving the banks I have here or some basic banks, or has some banks that would make for good launch points for crafting tones, please suggest away.. I'd appreciate any input.
  12. I know there is a general topic for tones and what not. These really aren't tones. In fact they are a lack thereof. These is ideal for those who want to start from scratch or a basic starting point to craft their own sound, or are just too easily distracted by what you get packaged in the amp. Consider them blank canvases. Installation is simple. Just download them to your PC, If you have any tones currently loaded into your Amp, be sure to back them up. And then click "restore," and load the downloaded svl6a file. This will wipe everything saved on your amp, so be sure to back up your tones or banks if you wish to use them later. After you do this, the only way to recover will be to restore a backed up bank, or reset the Spider V back to factory settings, which will restore the factory tones only. I will be adding variations to this idea as time goes on. Here I've taken the liberty of replacing all the tones with the default settings for the USER tones. Basically it's an empty tone bank as the name implies. Spider V Blank Tone Bank.svl6a On this one I've basically emptied out the tone bank and placed all the amps in their own slots for quick navigation. I have done nothing to the settings for the amps themselves, these are the stock settings for them on the Spider V. Another nice starting point to get familiar with what is available on the Spider V. Surf through them easily, pick one and build your sound from there. Spider V Amp Starter Bank.svl6a This idea for this is basically the same as the Amp Starter, only this time we start with the Cabinets. It seemed kind of silly to just use up only 25 slots in the bank so I have included the four mic settings for each Amp. I know that for many it doesn't make much of a difference what mic you use, but they are in there for giggles. I think you need to have your cab Modeling switch to "On" in order for this to be of any use. Spider V Cab Starter Bank.svl6a
  13. I'm sure it would be worth a try. The whole point though of emulating is to allow for uploading, downloading from the tone Cloud, and desktop recording, without having to switch from your Windows desktop to a mobile device. If all you were looking for was a larger screen for your android app, then I would totally advocate using Remix. I'm curious if it's compatible.
  14. joestides

    Spider V presets.

    Most of them have the song title in the name... Which ones are you particularly curious about? here is a the PDF that lists them. https://line6.jp/spiderv/assets/Spider_V_Factory_Presets_English_Rev_A.pdf
  15. My S7E works fine. You can only access the cloud using the mobile versions of the app. The PC app doesn't allow you to upload and download tones. If your PC is decent, you can download/edit/upload on your PC by emulating Android and using the Android version of the app.