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  1. I tried the cleaning procedure, but no luck. The previous owner told me I could fix this using the Workbench software. Is this true? Is the software still available and how do I connect the guitar? Thanks
  2. Thank you for the info. I also noticed that the D string is a lot louder than the others. Could this be the same problem?
  3. I have a Variax 700 acoustic and the volume of the low E-string is much lower than the others. It was also producing static noise. Any idea of the problem and possible fixes would be appreciated. Thank you, Craig
  4. I got it to work by installing the driver and V Remote on my Dell Laptop
  5. I'm using the 1964 Blackface Lux for a clean sound, I have the volume around max. I have to bring the volume of my overdrive presets down to around 50% in order to match the level of the clean preset. Is this normal? Also, I noticed that the Blue Comp Treb adds some boost and liveliness to the overall sound. Is there a way to accomplish this without using a compressor? Thank you
  6. I talked to Cody at Line 6, he was very helpful. It appears to be some sort of issue with some Windows 10 devices, in my case, a PC. Luckily I had a Dell Windows 10 laptop and was able to get V Remote to work.
  7. Is it true that the wah pedal has a toe switch that turns the wah on and off?
  8. Thank you joestides and ADBrown for answering my questions.
  9. Hello friends at the Line 6 forum, I'm considering buying a Spider V 240 MkII head and have a few questions. How many factory/user presets does it have? How many banks does the FBV 3 have and how many of the switches can be assigned to presets per bank? In other words, could I assign presets to 9 switches without changing banks? Can all the functions be accessed from the front panel, if not, will I be able to modify presets with my iPhone 6 Plus? Thank you
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