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  1. I have just the G10T , the wireless transmitter, which I understand is one part of the Relay G10 system you're asking about. I plug the G10T directly into my Spider V 120 W amp's 1/4" input jack on the amp's front panel to charge, and then I use with different instruments Works great! I don't have a separate charger as I'm guessing you do. So, my take is you should be good to go. (The amp must be turned on to charge the G10T.) Good luck!
  2. Just repeating the other question from my original post. Will the volume pedal function independently of the Master Volume? If I run an XLR Direct Out - cutting out the amp's Master Volume - from the Spider V amp to the sound system, can I still control the volume with the pedal? Thanks.
  3. I have a Line 6 Spider V 120W amp in a contest. It's been pretty fun, and useful for the small- to medium-sized venues I play in. Managing the amp @ gigs I've been running the Spider Remote software on my laptop (sits on a media tray). I also keep my playlist and difficult to remember lyrics on the laptop. I always gig with at least 2 guitars, an Gretsch thinline in standard & drop tunings plus another - a parlor with a soundhole humbucker - dedicated to open tunings. Often I bring along an ac-el 5-string banjo as well. A G10T makes switching between instruments so easy! My challenge is that the parlor and the banjo (and a bunch of other wired-for-sound acoustic instruments I own & gig with) either don't have volume controls or have really inaccessible volume controls. So I'm messing mid-gig with the volume controls on the front panel of the Spider 5, or making changes via EQ in the Spider Remote software... Not good. Therefore, I'm thinking I need a Volume Pedal. Looking at different sites, manuals, etc it looks like the Line 6 FBV3 Foot Controller gives me a volume pedal but....also adds a lot of other features I may not need. And my amp manual also mentions using the FBV Express MKII or the FBV Shortboard MkII. Questions: Does the FBV3 controller simplify my live sound life? Or complicate it? Also how difficult is it to integrate all the carefully created & tweaked profiles (presets) I've already got set up in Spider Remote, including the effects set up within each preset that get toggled on/off per song? Do the Express or Shortboard make any sense? Or, maybe Line 6 or another manufacturer offers a straight-up volume pedal ? And I just can't find it. Also would whatever volume pedal act independent of the amp volume controls? If I run an XLR Direct Out to my sound system, the amp's Master Vol is auto-killed, for a good reason. But I would want a volume pedal to still function. If that makes sense. So any constructiive insights, experiences, ideas are appreciated.
  4. Random1643

    galaxy s9

    I've run a Samsung Galaxy S7 and a more recent S9 through the compatibility test recommended by Line 6. The compatibility test results were clear neither Galaxy phone can handle "host mode" and, despite having the OTG adapter and trying to use each of them to run the amp via the software, neither worked. At all. Which is not to say yours won't work, greerd820. That;s just my experience with Galaxy S series phones. Altho at first pissed off about the phones, I've settled for a laptop running Windows 10 for gigging and have had no issues once I learned how to manage the software. That and a G10T wireless transmitter have changed my gig life.
  5. +1 or 2 for the FRFR > Classic mode. I perform swing, folk, early country, blues, pop/rock songs using electric and acoustic guitars in standard, drop and open tunings playing rhythm, comps, bass lines, slide, etc - but at core I'm a fingerpicker. So I'm looking for clarity, presence, balance across the strings. Which is what I get from FRFR mode. I did the free firmware 2.0 upgrade - Thank you, Line 6 - and, like others, I'm still trying to figure out the Classic mode. I have found it useful to develop custom profiles in the Spider V for each instrument.
  6. Welcome to the club. Some really cool products and then they're missing this Giant Customer Support Instinct. A detailed User Guide for the software? Not likely gonna happen. Mystifying.
  7. I manage my 120W for gigs with the Spider V software rather than front panel. In the software, there's an option in the Cab setting per preset where you can toggle between FRFR and Classic. Gotta say I have yet to figure out managing the sound of the Classic option.; it ain't giggable yet for me.
  8. Just to add my experience as a 2018 HP laptop running Windows 10 owner, I needed some help from Line 6 Support but once I got the right set of instructions was able to update to Firmware 2.0 with no problems. It runs fine. I love the option of using the Classic speaker mode. Great improvement!
  9. Okay, I heard back from Line 6 Support last week and they resolved my issues - which are described above in acoupla posts on this thread. My main mistake was just following the instructions laid out in the July 24 email sent out by Line 6 - which highlights the opportunity for "ALL-NEW PRESETS, CLASSIC MODE & MORE. Apparently, in order to get the promised all-new presets, in addition to the steps laid out on July 24, you also need to "..factory reset your device AFTER backing up any presets you wish to keep." Poking around the Spider V Forum I see the factory reset was also mentioned in an earlier Line 6 announcement but not mentioned in the steps laid out in the email. Still, I'm all squared away. My personal presets survived the update process, I've got the new batch of presets, I can run my electric through the Classic speaker mode. I sent Support a few more questions about Brave New Firmware 2.0 stuff I still don't understand, but my setup is now giggable.
  10. A new day so I tried this again. Booting up I now seem to have a Spider Remote-Enstein App. The presets in the app - NOT including the profiles I built and parked in <32A-D>; they're still there - are a mix of what I had pre-Updater, some presets from the new list (in Excel) posted recently by Line 6, and some presets that I've never seen before. An Acoustic Example: The old app had Tube Instruments Preamp, Line 6 Piezacoustic and Line 6 Variax Acoustic. The new list of presets put out by Line 6, the Excel file, for an acoustic example, includes Acoustic Sim, Piezo Pickup, Variax Acoustic, Tube Preamp, Ambient Acoustic, and Acoustic Blues. Post-Updater, the acoustic presets in my app now include Spider Acoustic, Acoustic Rhythm, Acoustic Chorus, Acoustic Pluck, Acoustic Acoustic APX, Ambient Aco, Dirty Aco Blu. I still have the old Line 6 Variax Acoustic cause it was part of one of my profiles parked in section <32>. So there are now more acoustic presets. Not all bad. I still need to go through tho and try each of one of them. I I'm gonna call Support Staff this week and just walk through the updated app. See what they can tell me. One plus, for sure. The "Classic" amp option is there now so I can select that vs FRFR with any preset (or instrument profile I create). I appreciate this cause for a lot of my gigs I start out playing a Gretsch Electromatic and I prefer to set that profile to Classic, and then I switch to an acoustic-electric guitar, and sometimes to an ac-el 5-string banjo. The profiles for the latter 2 instruments I can leave set for FRFR. The Classic amp is really LOUD so @ gigs I'll need to remember to turn the amp volume down when playing the Gretsch. Playing directly through the 12"
  11. Similar experience to 30sos' above. I've got a laptop with Windows 10 OS. I followed the instructions emailed by Line 6 on July 24 for the Spider V 2.0 firmware update. I downloaded the Line 6 Updater for the Spider 120 with no problems. The Updater tho is having no effect on the Spider Remote app which in every way I can see is the same as before. I then removed both the Spider Remote App and the Updater and re installed both. Same result except that I got a black screen at the <Select device to update> stage. All of this was interspersed with several laptop reboots.
  12. This. You nailed it flux1968. And get beyond the What to the How. What are the specific steps, the instructions that I as a Spider V Remote App User need to take to get basic sh*t done, like in my case create, save and backup unique amp/mic/cab/effect profiles (batches of settings) for each instrument I play at gigs. My geek kid eventually took a look at the software and showed me how to do this, but that was after weeks of finding nothing in the Knowledge & FAQs section - there is exactly 1 video on the Videos page that pertains to the Spider V amps but has nothing to with my questions, in the Spider V Forum days after I posted the same set of questions one kind respondent offered some interesting stuff but not what I'm asking about, and Customer Service was a couple of weeks of wasted time before I gave up - lots of What and zero How. Line 6 is just a puzzle to me. Love the product but after that it feels like we're kinda out here on our own. The steps BTW to creating "profiles" are very easy but not if you don't know how. I recently received an email from Line 6 inviting me, as a Spider V 120W amp owner, to download a "Major Spider V Firmware Update," Firmware 2.0. Sounds wonderful but given the last coupla months is it a threat or an opportunity?
  13. Thanks, Joe. Per my orig post I'm already using, gigging with the Spider Remote app via Windows 10. Can you link your blank tone bank? Thanks.
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