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  1. Good morning, gentlemen! Who had problems with the new version please open a ticket, who knows so Line 6 seeks to find a solution.
  2. Hey Line666 you spider devils your Helix is 777 heaven sent but this damn devil step child Spider V (version2.0 but the og not the newest demonic creation),  Krap ton of us bedroom rockstar gods have this  "cesarios" og post , EXACT SAME PROBLEM.  For over a year hated capital h8 the sound of this spider V. Then.  The sky parted your magic wizard tech dudes graced us with the bang em up hot damn "version 2.0 if you don't know now you know" update and kick lollipop the amp is versatile and sounds like a good amp and a great modeler!  Then just like blues music is meant to do you put a big smile on my face in the opening line of version 2.0 then very matter of fact proceeded to lollipop slap that large smile right off my silly face cause after Windozer10 update 1903 , .net, .yourscrewedhahafromwillygates, .justgiveup.org, now many cant even start the Spider Tone app 


    line777 gods please hard open hand slap that frown on my face straight upside down again and let the joy return to the mases to hear the best concert anyone's ever heard who happens to be in my crappy 1X1 bedroom i need to give my demanding fan i mean fans when they so much need more of me. (yes by fan i mean the one ceiling fan bolted to my ceiling. i think it wants to run away but its forever stuck bolted in place ha out maneuvered my one loyal fan fully out witted by me HA.



    **heads up tech nerds aka dork vegan vergins. Doh i mean almightly tech wizards level 65 dork gods decifer this nerd bable for me and you will be allowed one ticket to friday night both parents are gone cause they hate me kegger that will be held at my adult neighbors house next door cause hes 26 and digs high school chicks. you mention doungens and dragons even once and you will be removed from said party.  party on dude. PUGPUGPUGPUGPUGPUG


    ****The program SpiderVRemote2.00Installer.exe version stopped interacting with Windows and was closed. To see if more information about the problem is available, check the problem history in the Security and Maintenance control panel.
     Process ID: 35b4
     Start Time: 01d55fa816c1de2b
     Termination Time: 2
     Application Path: C:\Users\whackowhackobambamdodadwhodad\Downloads\SpiderVRemote2.00Installer.exe
     Report Id: cf643be8-5ca5-439e-9f0d-523dcb47435c
     Faulting package full name: 
     Faulting package-relative application ID: 
     Hang type: Unknown


  3. I've already lost count of how many solutions I tried to solve, but none worked. This happens exactly like this. I'll try to find a solution, any news we come back.
  4. I upgraded Windows 10 to 1903, upgraded the .net framework and also DirectX to the latest versions and still the problem persists. Never had problems with Spider V Remote, until version 2.00 always rotated very well both on Win 7 as in Win 10.
  5. I upgraded Windows 10 to the latest version, also the .net Framework and Directx, but it still doesn't open. The previous version runs normally. When it appears it just says that the program needed to be closed will search for a solution. But the spider almost always doesn't appear, it looks like it will and nothing happens.
  6. Bert_Peters, I have reinstalled on two different machines with the right of Adiministrador, one with Win 7 and 10, and another with win 10. In both it gives error still at startup. Do you use x64 or x86 system?
  7. Good morning! Version 2.0 of V Remote does not work for Windows. Installed on two different machines, also tried on Win 7 and Win 10, but does not open. Any solution? I use x64 systems.
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