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  1. To me the only advantage of the Katana (100 and up) over Spider V is the FX Loop present in the Boss, other than that I was not impressed with the Katana Series sound, specially distortions and high gain approaches. In the Spider V MKV1 (firmware 1.05), high gain and distortions are not so great but they a more customizable (Change Cabs, mics, post-amp EQ), and there are more possibilities for getting a good usable tone. It takes more time, but to my ears, Spider V sounds better than Katana (I prefer the SpiderV Delays over the Katana ones for instance). However, to be honest, the best high gain sound I've heard in a practice amp is the Yamaha THR10x, every model sounds really great and is easy and quick to dial a good tone. I have one of those green boxes since 2014 and still sounds great when I record metal covers.
  2. Hi guys, thanks for your support! Well, my AV did not let me even open the Line6 directory. So I decided to uninstall it manually deleting everything with Line6 word in my computer (registry included), then I downloaded again, install it and this time there was no warnings. Very strange... I have been using Emsisoft for the last 8 years, and believe me, this is the first False Positive detection I have seen, actually this AV uses the BitDefender engine, so I guess BitDefender could get the same results. I used also metadefender online and the report was negative with only 4% the infection score. Thanks again for your help.
  3. OK, well I guess I'll stick to Spider Remote 1.03 that it works as it should and without malware warnings. Thanks anyway
  4. Hi all, I have been using for a while my Spider V 60 with Spider V Remote 1.0.3 without issues. Today, I have decided to update new version 2.0 and surprisingly my AV software (Emsisoft Antimalware) is detecting it as a virus/trojan and put in quarantine. Anyone else have this problem? Thanks
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