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  1. My Spider V 60 has 32 banks, 4 tones per bank, meaning 128 total tones. I was disappointed that there are only 4 User tones (32A, 32B, 32C, 32D). I don't want to create new user tones at the risk of losing default tones. I setup Spider V remote, but it seems we are limited to only 32 banks. Yes, I know I can backup one tone at a time, but I wish there was a way to create more than 32 banks so we can define multiple user banks while keeping the defaults? Is this a limitation on storage space? Is it possible to have more than 128 tones at a time?
  2. I'm a new guitar player and I've already purchased a Spider V 60 amp. I would now like to get a foot controller to quickly switch between preset sounds. I've searched through the forums and documentation, but can someone please highlight the differences between the FBV Express and FBV 3? It's not clear if I can easily assign any preset sound to any foot controlled switch, or if I'm limited to a single bank. For example, I want to use the foot pedal, and assign 1 switch to each of the following preset sounds: 03D - Acoustic APX 07C - Mod: Auto Wah 19B - Puppet Master 10B - Metal: Clean Can both the FBV Express and FBV3 be easily configured to assign a switch to each one of those presets so I can quickly switch back and forth as I'm playing? What are the additional benefits of FBV3 over the Express to justify the price? Much appreciated!
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