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  1. Yes, to both questions. In fact, my first concern was that the USB cable wasn't working so I bought a new one...
  2. Yes, just reinstalled the drivers pack to be sure and still I hear that annoying chirping noise that overrides the actual sound + no way to make the POD Farm tuner move from C...
  3. I think I had already opened a thread with my own personal Pod Xt Live hell, but after sending the unit to the repair center (and after +1 year of nuisance), I've rescued it only to find out that it's completely functional with headphones but not as a line recording device: as soon as I plug the USB cable into the PC an annoying noise gets in the way and there's no way on Earth to fix it. This means the tuning application on Gear Box won't move from C, no audio recording program will record any discernible sound et al. I've switched from amp to line on the back of the unit, I've tried different buttons and audio settings on my PC audio recording hardware settings but no lollipoping way. Anyone had a similar experience and is willing to put me out of this misery?
  4. It does not. No sound at all coming from the headphones. This lollipop saddens me as lollipop. I might try buying a new PSU but I don't have high hopes on the unit working properly and having damaged it. Once again. Only if the lollipop at the repair center had told me instead of making me wait for 3 months ending up with a +90 € bill... Anyway, thanks for your replies. Much appreciated.
  5. Hi there, new to the forum since there's a problem that's been killing me for some time ago. In fact, I've just returned from the technical support and paid about 100 € (that should be a new unit, for lollipops sake) and the problem will persist even though they said that it worked perfectly. My PC recognizes the signal of my XT Live unit when I plug it through the USB. I've been playing with several knobs and it won't record anything but a noisy tiny chirping even when I turn the volume of my guitar to the max and play with different controls likewise. I've read plenty of FAQ and tutorials and I don't find the way out of this hell. I've flashed the unit, reinstalled drivers, returned to default settings to no avail. I thought that the power supply might be the problem, since I bought a cheap one through eBay that was listed as for specific use of this very unit, but its input is AC and the output DC, so I don't really know..., if that was the problem, is there any reliable site to get the real deal? Thanks in advance for your help.
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