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  1. Yep - will never matched wired for sure....but good enough for some casual jam sessions/patch editing etc.
  2. Using the sony 1000 xm3. I guess you need to use a BT transmitter and headphones that support aptX - that's the codec which supports low latency! I initially tried the Bose headphones - but the xm3s definitely are a hair better both in latency and audio fidelity https://www.aptx.com/product-listing?product_category=7&aptx_type=3
  3. Couple thoughts - GT1000 - though there's bluetooth connectivity - it's limited to just modifying patch settings/signal chains. There's no audio interface through bluetooth - am i right? So this is pointless! The only issue with the USB cable is - my PC needs to be somewhere close to my helix (or a really long ugly cable running across my room - not a great idea!) and that's not close to where my desktop sits! Here's my version 2 of this workaround setup - - My 10" surface 3 connects to my Helix, sitting right above the helix! - Turned on "Projecting to this PC" on my desktop which has a larger screen/keyboard mouse - Use "Connect to wireless display" from my surface 3 to connect to my desktop - EDIT: Found Splashtop Personal remote desktop solution to be far more reliable and faster - Added a 3.5mm to Bluetooth transmitter to my Helix headphones out jack (using a 1/4" to 3.5mm adaptor). Connected my Bose QC35 II over bluetooth - My guitar connects using a line 6 g10 This way i can use my desktop to do patch edits on a larger screen wirelessly...i can also use my DAW on my desktop - with the audio routing to my wireless bluetooth headphones directly from the helix with almost no audio lag! Not the cleanest setup - but works!
  4. Alright that sucks. My current workaround....leave my surface tab close to the helix, screen mirror to my television....and use a wireless keyboard with touchpad.
  5. I'd like to know if there's someway to connect my helix lt to my pc wirelessly? The usb cable is becoming a pain to deal with....I was wondering if there were any hardware solutions to extend usb wirelessly? Cheers
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