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Found 12 results

  1. Hi! i have a Spider V 60 MKII and an FBV MKII Express. i'm trying to figure out how to map the 4 foot buttons on the FBV to specific pre-sets i have on the amp so that i can switch between them as i wish while practicing. I'm not looking for anything super complicated (yet :) ) just wanna choose 2 clean tones and 2 with effects and i like a bunch of the pre-sets out of the box. Anyone can help me??? Thanks!!!
  2. I very please with my original sound connection my ESP B1004 Bass to a Orange Terror Bass amp with a Orange B112 Cabinet with 50% gain for that lovely crunch, the problem is when I connect the HX Stomp with no single effect added to the mix, the signal losses bright and gain, its a slight but noticeable difference. How can I avoid this? Im connecting my bass to the stomp input, and from the stomp output to the amp front input. Thanks ahead for your advise!
  3. Greetings, I used a POD XT Live with a Variax 300 for a few years and I remember using my PC to create my own tones, including a custom metal tone, 12 string acoustic tone, and a sitar tone. The Pod came with a physical manual that was easy to flip through, and I had no problem editing things with the PC for both the POD and the Variax. The Helix Floor and the Shuriken are different beasts, and I am experimenting with the software and trying to compare it to the Pod/old Variax stuff. There are many new options and features that I need to learn about, and I find it easy to get lost in the options, or add something that mucks up the tone. I was in a motorcycle accident which messed with my memory a little bit, and I can't recall exactly how I used the old software as far as combining my Variax edits with the POD edits. Other than reading through the PDF multiple times, what are some good sources to learn about each feature of the Helix? I will be looking to create a unique metal tone, a couple of good acoustic tones, and will make a sitar tone, to start with. I am also looking to experiment with alternate tunings. I will be looking to record with the Helix, and I want to learn about using the MIDI capabilities. I am going to be getting MIDI software which will allow me to play different instrument sounds with the guitar, and I am wondering if I can somehow implement such software with the footswitches on the Helix. I am also wondering if it is possible to record what I play on the Shuriken/Helix into a *.mid file for further editing, or to import them into Powertab or some other tablature software. I have a Roland UM-One USB/Midi cable, with the in and out connected to the Helix. Any resources to help a newbie would be greatly appreciated. Many thanks! Quietus
  4. Hi, Very excited to say I have just got a helix lt and Powercab plus. are there any good intro Video guides to setting it all up with the patches and software etc i also have a standard cable going from helix to Powercab, but there’s a line6 port on each is that a preferred connection? thanks
  5. I've just bought a JTV-59 and am just about to download Workbench HD for the first time. What I was surprised by was the absence of a 'Getting Started' / 'Start Here' booklet which would have given me the basics which I can guess at well enough but you never know what you might do wrong . . . . . . like pulling the VDI RJ45 connector out of the guitar without dropping the lot - what a weak design! Anyway, I've seen that there is a forum/guide to Workbench and so I will download WB-HD in a moment but what I'm thinking is that I need to check for a firmware update and general advice on using the non-standard features of the guitar. I wouldn't be surprised if it's all here somewhere and that I will find it soon enough but let me list what I'm looking for and perhaps if you know that it's not on this forum and that I should browse elsewhere perhaps you could reply to this? So, as a start, how about: 1 DON'T do this - it can cause damage! (or at least something I may regret eg a firmware upgrade) 2 DO do this - it's well worthwhile (eg insert the jack-plug when connecting the VDI otherwise you think your new USB interface doesn't work and you can't connect to WB-HD as just happened to me) 3 Buy this as well - - ie things to make living with and using the 59 better or easier (eg an HD500X or whatever, free or paid for custom tones, etc) I appreciate it's a case of what do I want to do but, for now, I just want to learn how to get the most out of the guitar and benefit from the wizardry it contains within Thanks in advance - Andy (in Louth Lincolnshire, UK)
  6. Hey everyone, I am considering getting a Helix LT or Helix with a powered speaker (probably a Yamaha DXR12 or something similar) but I am not entirely sure if I need the extra inputs and outputs of the regular Helix in comparison to the LT and I do not know much about audio routing and I/O. If I wanted to use the Helix LT for vocals or more inputs in the future could I connect a small mixer or something to use the Helix's effects? How do you know if a powered speaker, such as a Yamaha DXR12, is FRFR and loud enough for use? I'm having a hard time being able to tell if one speaker would be enough having never bought a powered speaker before. I am used to my 15w 2x12 tube amp and how would that compare in volume? Also kind of hoping that I can use the DXR12 with my keyboard (Yamaha P115) too. I've been playing guitar for over 10 years but haven't had any effects or reverb since my Carvin SX200 solid state amp died ages ago and I replaced it with a single channel Egnater Tweaker 15w tube amp. The last modeler I had while ago was the Line 6 TonePort UX2 and it sounds like modelers have definitely stepped up the game! After following the new Helix videos on YouTube for a while I am hoping that the Helix or something equivalent will bring some excitement and inspiration to my guitar and bass playing hah! Thanks everyone!
  7. I am enjoying getting to know my hd500x. I am looking for suggestions on how to level out the various patches though. I get one set and try to switch quickly from one to another but one is REALLY loud and another is soft. What is the best way to control the levels? I know the immediate answer is volume. But to clarify, the volume ranges are just different. I am just guessing here, but do I need to go to the Mixer section and change the decibel setting to make it right (level with the others)? One more question about levels. if I have a "lead" in the song, what is the best way to boost the volume range with a toggle switch? i realize the foot volume is a good answer here. But are there other "tricks"? I am looking for interesting/different options. I have also noticed that some people label their toggle switches. is this because they try to put similar functions on the switch between patches? i.e. Reverb on/off, distortion on/off. I know there are probably a hundred answers to these questions. Just looking for some thoughts. Thanks!!
  8. Hi everyone.I am using a A&H firewire mixer and I wish to be able to control my helix seperately from other media in my PC. 0) When i switch the helix on everything that I play on my pc(backing tracks/you/tube etc etc) comes back through my channel on mixer assigned for helix.I totally understand the logic that the helix is acting as a soundcard etc. I have playback for all other stuff on PC(Sonar included)coming through and back through different channels. My question is can I just have the helix coming through 2 channels and not taking over the pc sounds also? Many Thanks
  9. Hey guys, sorry for a boring question but I'm brand new to helix and still figuring things out. I have a couple of nice presets created and want to be able to toggle some FX on and off. I'm using the Helix software for all of this.... When I assign an effect to a foot switch it doesn't seem to light up unless I lightly touch the switch and click the dial to accept the assignment. Is that the normal behavior or am I doing something wrong? I was expecting to just select it the software and have it light up by the switch. It isn't happening that way. I suspect I'm missing something...?
  10. For the past three weeks the other guitarist & I have been going amp-less. Last Friday & Saturday the sound engineer and I finally came to an agreement as to the closest tonal quality I could achieve. Yet, I have been reading about the POD HD series for as long the family have been in existence. However, having several quality tube amps to use for various venues seemed to make it easier to stick with the past then move to the present. And I have quite an array on my pedaltrain board as well as a Floor Pod Plus I have started to use more regularly. I do like it for recording when I have time to manipulate it in the studio, but live felt very limited. But having GAS ... I have traded in one of my M13 pedals and my Floor Pod Plus last Sunday. Came home with a POD HD500X. Thank God I understand computers as well as music. It is amazing! Already had the opportunity to read, watch videos, read some more, watch more videos, jump in, make mistakes, correct mistakes, start over ... OK you all get the picture. Can't wait for the next practice and gig! Looks like I have been assimilated! Dennis
  11. Hello there.. I am very new to any computer recording whatsoever.I have a pc laptop. I am looking to start recording some basic guitar tracks, and then hopefully some vocals over that. I would like to do all of this from my laptop, on a fairly tight budget. I am thinking of using reaper. Does anyone reccommend Reaper? Pros/Cons? What type of interface should I use? Can i use my mk2 express as an interface? Thanks for any help....
  12. Ok, This is noob question but I have seen some very detailed setups for pod hd connections for Amps. What I usually do is connect guitar to guitar input Connect output left (mono) to the guitar in on amp. Change the setting to live on back of pod. Change the setting to stack front or combo amp front (depending on what rehearsal room I am in ) Sometimes it sounds good , sometimes it doesn't . What is the reason for the 3 cable and 4 cable methods of connecting to an amp? If it can give me a better sound I am all for it but unsure of why people are doing this. Please forgive my lack of knowledge in guitar amps .
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