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  1. hi thanks ... i looked and can't find anything. still can't get v2 to work :( any suggestions???
  2. Hi i was using v1 and just upgraded to v2 as i saw it was available in the downloads and after installing it it does not even load the application (a screen flashes and that it ... then nothing). Is there something i have to do to get it to run or is this version bugged??? i'm on win10 using a Spider V 60 MKII thanks!!!
  3. Hi! ok thanks i will try to figure out how to do that :) ... is there a manual or how-to somewhere that shows me? (sorry i'm really bad at this :( )
  4. Hi! i have a Spider V 60 MKII and an FBV MKII Express. i'm trying to figure out how to map the 4 foot buttons on the FBV to specific pre-sets i have on the amp so that i can switch between them as i wish while practicing. I'm not looking for anything super complicated (yet :) ) just wanna choose 2 clean tones and 2 with effects and i like a bunch of the pre-sets out of the box. Anyone can help me??? Thanks!!!
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