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  1. I am trying to use an external wah pedal on my HD500X. I want the more dedicated pedal for the tone. But I am struggling hooking it up correctly. If I just put it in line either pre or post HD500x, it is doing weird things to the tones. I'm not sure what the proper config is? I do see Pedal 2 hookup, but only one quarter inch jack. I would prefer that when I use the wah, it just applies. I don't want to select anything to engage the wah. At least that is my preference. Possible? Thanks, cboshdave
  2. This is NOT a deal breaker. I have enjoyed my HD500x. When my POD HD500x is plugged into the computer (USB cable) and the software for it is running (active connection) and I happen to turn off the pedal, it causes my computer to reboot. I realize dropped the active connection is not great. Just wondered if this is common? It's just frustrating because I keep forgetting after long sessions of tone building and organizing! Thanks, Dave
  3. Figuring it out. Now, I am putting the looper at the beginning of my chain (on the pedal) until I get things figured out, then moving it to the end so I can do more with it like changing patches and playing lead. Thanks!
  4. Figuring out Looper pedal. I found that if I place the looper symbol on my pedal at the end, I can change my patch and it won't affect the loop patch. Can I configure this looper position on the HD Edit software? Or is this something that must be done on the pedal itself?
  5. I am enjoying getting to know my hd500x. I am looking for suggestions on how to level out the various patches though. I get one set and try to switch quickly from one to another but one is REALLY loud and another is soft. What is the best way to control the levels? I know the immediate answer is volume. But to clarify, the volume ranges are just different. I am just guessing here, but do I need to go to the Mixer section and change the decibel setting to make it right (level with the others)? One more question about levels. if I have a "lead" in the song, what is the best way to boost the volume range with a toggle switch? i realize the foot volume is a good answer here. But are there other "tricks"? I am looking for interesting/different options. I have also noticed that some people label their toggle switches. is this because they try to put similar functions on the switch between patches? i.e. Reverb on/off, distortion on/off. I know there are probably a hundred answers to these questions. Just looking for some thoughts. Thanks!!
  6. So, I just created my first patch and loaded it to my hd500x. It took me MUCH longer than I anticipated. One of the things that made it slow is that I had to keep tweaking the patch settings, then play my guitar to test. I realize this suggestion will have its flaws, but I was wondering if there was any way to record a quick .mp3 of the guitar riff, chords, whatever, and then send that back thru the software over and over and OVER to at least try to get the sound close. Then, I could fine tune it with my guitar?? Just trying to save my bleeding fingertips. One the plus side, I did get the riff down well while I was making the patch. I realize there are downsides to the idea. Just trying to speed up the process. Thanks, cbsohdave
  7. Buckled down and created my first patch. Took 3 hours because I was learning! I think I have a decent patch for She Sells Sanctuary intro. Uploaded it just to see what the community rates it at. I know if is geared for my guitar and setup, etc. Was also able to make the other one work by removing the FX Output section which i suppose feeds the 4 Cable method. Maybe someone will find this useful. It's a small suggestion, but I was VERY short on time.
  8. I am really excited about the HD500x. I realize that building patches is part of the experience. But I am a little pressed for time immediately. Prior to purchase, I checked and there was a patch for the Cult - She Sells Sanctuary. When I downloaded the patch but no sound comes out. Others I downloaded are working fine! So, I suppose I don't know how the 4CM is supposed to affect the tone? I also tried to search. I am happy to purchase the patch if someone knows where to find it? I had the same experience with U2 Vertigo. Still getting to know the setup, etc. Thanks, cboshdave
  9. Thanks. Given all the suggestions of what I should not do, what is the purpose of the 8 ohm jacks on the back of the amp then? When would I ever use them? Use my amp to create the tones and send the signal to a mixing board? If I cannot monitor (with monitor speakers) I don't know what else i would do with jacks. I assume it would be the same with a Spider Head unit? No monitors can be run on that either?
  10. So, I am guitar player -- not a sound/jack/cable guy (yet). I just picked up a Spider IV 150. Love the amp! I am now learning about monitor speakers. Amazing how the first time I gigged, I could not hear myself and was pretty lost. I hope you all remember those days and can help me out. :-) Great hobby! Lots to learn! Couple dumb questions... 1. Can I attach monitors to a Spider IV 150? 2. What specs am I looking for in a monitor? What wattage? I know ohms are a measure of resistance, but I don't really know what that means in speaker terms. 1 possibly really dumb question (forgive me). I also have a Line 6 4x12 150 watt half cab. Can I use my Spider IV 150 amp to be a "head" for my cabinet until i get a head for it? Thanks, Dave
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