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  1. Thanks so much for this.I have had the Helix since it came out and this is the first issue i've ever had (I even had to reset my desk to original firmware as the spike in the meter would not go away no matter what).I'll give this article a good read and take appropriate action.Thanks once again.
  2. I have had a similar problem for a while now so much so that i cant use Helix edit on my pc.My helix goes into my Presonus Studiolive 32desk (stereo xlrs) which is a sound card also.If i try and plug the usb into my pc (any slot)the Main level meter on the mixer shows overload.No phantom power running at all.Any ideas?
  3. Whenever i plug my Helix floor into my Presonus desk i get issues.I normally connect first and power on as recommended and seems to work ok, until that is i later try and power on my mixer.The left main output shows overload and stays there for about a minute.I have done resets and the mixer is always fine until i plug the helix in again and problem starts all over.I dont have phantom power initiated on the desk and my levels are always fine.Is it possible that i've got a wrong setting on my helix somehow?Same always seem to happen when i usb into my pc to use editor which is usb'd to the mixer also. Any help appreciated.
  4. 'jam on my Helix unit to jam tracks I have on my computer. It also makes it easy to watch instructional videos and play along...' Do you set up a preset to do this due to different levels from jam tracks and guitar or do you just do it on the fly and ajust guitar vol accordingly?
  5. lol understood loud and clear.Thank you so much for your help with this
  6. Thanks for that.I used to be able to do it via firewire into the desk and back to the daw but now thats u/s i was hoping the helix would do the same.I find it handy for pinching parts off solos on you tubea nd playing back in Transcribe. I normally just drag and drop audio files in to Sonar anyway (wav/mp3s etc) if i want to edit or use as reference tracks,and yep the helix plays everything but i cant understand why it cant record in sonar as its going through the same interface(helix) as all my instruments and they record(although it does take a bit of mixing to get the levels right! As someone once sang,'There must be a way'!!!
  7. Thanks for replying.I use Sonar Platinum as well and I have selected all inputs and outputs to helix.I can record guitars in no problem but not anything from internet?
  8. I am using the Helix as an Audio Interface after my 'trusty'!!! A & H Firewire desk no longer wanted to communicate with my DAW. Firstly I cant seem to record from the pc or Internet directly into my daw for some reason,any ideas why?(eg you tube to Cakewalk). Secondly am I able to record from an cassette player (2 ins r and l) as my dad recently passed and im trying to record onto pc his live recordings? Many Thanks.
  9. Thanks a lot for great advice Philip I'll give his some good time this week and let you know how i get on.:-)
  10. Thanks Phillip have tried cali also, just like that little bit of 'hold'(sustain on the notes) that the boogie can give you.Im sure I'll get it eventually!!!
  11. Thank you so much.Yep the Boogie is my fav clean too, manages all jobs.Its the o/d or sustain I'm failing miserably with at home.
  12. Thanks so much I'll give that a try.
  13. I have been trying for ages to get these 2 tones at home, same as i get on stage, (clean and drive channel). Any help greatly appreciated(i have a lot of GD's patches and marcos but nothing near it). Any ideas everyone. This is the video
  14. Unfortunately I have a miss match between the Helix and my firewire a and h desk.I need to run my mixer for other studio stuff when helix not in use but need the usb off helix for editing.I know i could just run the helix direct and use as a sound card but i need to use the mixer for other things without the helix.When i use both there is a fuzz sound. Thanks everyone for links i agree vinais are like Marcos and i have the whole lot of them!!! Just wish I could get hold of the ones Vinai uses on his You tube channel.
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