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  1. Have had exactly the same problem today , and tried reinstalling HXEdit a couple of times but nothing happening - removed an sd card from the pc and problem solved.
  2. afc1903

    Volume pedal query

    Thanks for the reply - how do you set min and max? The only parameter I have is 'position' and I assumed that by choosing 60%, the pedal would get from 60 -100% volume. I can't see where or how to set a minimum or maximum level?
  3. afc1903

    Volume pedal query

    I'm trying to set the volume pedal so that it's at 50% at heel up and 100% at toe. I'm trying to do this by having the pedal at heel, changing the parameter to 60%, then saving the change, however it as soon as I press the pedal down and then back up it reverts to 100%. I've tried a few patches and same thing on each patch. I've tried changing the global settings to 'Global' for Expression pedal 2 (I use 1 for wah). I'm assuming this a faulty, and have already had my original unit replaced due to the volume pedal packing in (although that was the hardware). I'd be grateful for any advice In case I'm missing something.
  4. Thanks for the reply. My problem here is that my stomp controller is programmed to switch on a delay, and switch off a compressor. I cant' figure out how to clear the commands, so I can start from scratch with and simply assign the delay to that foot-switch ( I don't want it to switch off the compressor) I can see how to bypass an effect, but not how to tell it to stop bypassing an effect with a Multiple setting.
  5. Apologies if this has been asked before - I've searched but can't find a post relating to this. I have Helix set in stomp/preset mode, and have one footswitch assigned to Multiple (2) - switching one block on, and one block off. How do I delete the assignments? I only want the pedal to switch a black on, but can't work out how to delete the multiple assignment?
  6. afc1903

    Stomp Box mode

    Thanks! That's exactly what I've done. I misunderstood switching modes and editing modes, probably due to being on the view showing the signal chain, which stays the same. Really helpful to get this kind of feedback, so thanks again!
  7. afc1903

    Stomp Box mode

    No, in the footswitch assignment menu there is a option missing, compared to the jpeg earlier in this thread. In the jpeg, there is an option for choosing how many pedals you want in stomp box mode. This option is not there on my LT, so I'm assuming it's different in this respect that the Helix (or maybe it's to do with the latest software version?) I've created a preset with a signal chain of fx only, and have saved each individual effect to a pedal, however, the footswitch is assigned to Snapshots mode. I initially thought I'd created 8 snapshots, but the number 1 is in the top right-hand corner for all of them? I'm a bit worried about turning up to a gig and not understanding this. I'm finding creating sounds and presents very easy and intuitive, but the modes/footswitch thing isn't clear to me - especially the 8 stompbox option that is in the pic earlier, but not on my unit!
  8. afc1903

    Stomp Box mode

    Yes, it's an LT. Pretty sure you can only assign four stompbox pedals, but it's not clear in the manual - seems to be a difference between Helix and the LT version
  9. afc1903

    Stomp Box mode

    That's what's confusing me - I go to Global Settings > Footswitches, and don't have a Stomp Mode option. The only options are: 8 Presets; Preset/ Stomp; Stomp/Preset, Preset/Snap; Snap/Preset; Stomp/Snap; Snap/Stomp and Snapshots?
  10. afc1903

    Stomp Box mode

    Not sure what I'm missing, but I want to figure out how to use the Helix in front of my amp, and have the 8 footswtiches assigned to 8 pedals. I've tried creating a preset, and assigning blocks to the top row of pedals, which is working, but can't work out how to assign pedals to the bottom row. In the global settings, the options seem to be stomp/presets or presets/stomp, but not just 'stomp'. How do I assign all 8 pedals to 8 blocks?
  11. Thanks for the feedback folks - its really useful!
  12. Hi folks, wondering if anyone can tell if there is a difference between plugging into a Scarlett Foucusrite audio interface using XLR line out and using the usb out for pc recording (usng Cubase)? I've always used the first method, and would be happy to stick with it unless the usb out would be better for some reaaon?
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