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  1. Just out of curiosity, did you recently upgrade to 3.10? I've never had a problem with my footswitches. Suddenly after this upgrade, I noticed I had to hit a couple of them twice in order to get them to switch. I haven't had time to sit with it yet to troubleshoot exactly when it's happening.
  2. Hey all, Just updated to 2.92. HX Edit isn't launching in Windows 10. Checked to ensure it wasn't blocked. Checked all permissions. Click, spinning circle for a half second and then disappears. Start task manager and see that nothing is started. Complete uninstall/reinstall, nothing. Uninstalled, reinstalled 2.90 and it starts immediately. Try to "upgrade" and still won't start. Tried a fresh install, still won't start. Checked "eventvwr" and got this error message about HX Edit: Any ideas?
  3. yep, probably not. The drivers work with everything so far except BandHub. weird. Thanks!
  4. Yes! Works flawlessly with Cakewalk Sonar. i'll try those steps. thanks!
  5. Hello all! I saw this posted before but there was no definitive answer posted. I emailed the author but got no response. I'm trying to use my Helix Floor directly into Bandhub via USB. I'm using a MS Surface Pro with Windows 10. When you click the record button it begins to countdown to record but then pops up an error saying the audio device is not yet supported and doesn't allow you to go any further. I have an older 2009 Macbook pro and it actually works, but the camera is old and looks horrible, and there are some obvious audio glitches. Is anyone using the Helix for Bandhub successfully in Windows 10? If so, what's your config? I've tried to disable system sounds, experimented with setting it as the default audio device....then setting it as NOT the default....nothing is working and Bandhub tech support doesn't return emails. Thanks!
  6. Can't find it at Sweetwater, and they're sparse elsewhere. I used to own one of these when it first came out. Stopped gigging and sold my rig. I was thinking about doing some more pickup work and thought I'd grab one of these again. What happened? This was an extremely versatile unit with some very unique features.
  7. Thanks! Her name is Remi, 10 months old and she's already 110lbs. She responds to James Brown and the Ohio Players. Luckily she has no interest in chewing my gear. :)
  8. That's my exact living room rig....and I love it. The good part is, when I gig I simply pack it up and use the same gear. Either a line out to FOH and get my own monitor mix, or sometimes I line out directly to the L2T, and then one to FOH, and then take another line FROM FOH for a monitor mix and send it into another channel on the L2T and control the volumes of each from there. I don't feel like collecting studio gear anymore. This stuff does both very well. My 2 cents.
  9. If I've said it once, I've said it a thousand times..."rock and roll needs more racquetball integration". :)! Nice tune, nice tone, and I commend both guitar players for resisting the urge to play lots of fast notes. It wouldn't fit the song, so it's not there. Great job!
  10. So my Helix is registered with the serial number on the site, but won't let me purchase the plugin. I'm guessing because I bought it used. Correct? It's not the end of the world. I can leave the Helix plugged in like I always have. It would just be nice to not HAVE to, and only take my Helix out for gigs. I certainly can't pay $399 for a plug in when I already have the hardware. Just doesn't make sense. $99 is much easier to hide from the wife. ;)
  11. yeah, I saw it, and that didn't answer the question. Thanks for the snarky comment though. I'm surprised you went through all the trouble to screen shot the page and make a comment if you didn't plan on helping. It would have been easier on your part and actually helpful to explain it. To anyone who cares; I went through all options and it's just not going to behave like a traditional sound card. There are no default audio outputs. Your DAW will see all sets of outputs but routing Bus/Aux outputs in your DAW won't send it to any specific output jacks. You'll need to create a patch on the Helix to tell it where you want the sends from your DAW to go. Unfortunately, this means if you're working in your DAW using your favorite patch, you'll need to record with in and THEN switch to the patch with the assigned outputs so you can route the signals as you wish. You can try and squeeze in that information on your favorite patch, but if you're like me, your favorite patch is already maxed out on DSP. This will of course be a limitation of you planned on doing some quick recordings with other musicians, as you won't be able to send them a separate monitor send. The Helix is a strong enough product on its own, so I'm not shocked that using it as a sound card would have limitations. As far as my headphone question goes, I don't see any way to use them separately. This of course means you'd need a headphone amp if you wanted to setup a routing you'd need to create a patch in the Helix to a set of outputs, run them to a headphone amp and proceed. Thus, keeping your XLRs/headphone combo for studio monitors (for example). For future reference I promise to read all comments in the forum carefully to understand the questions, and respond with information that will actually help. If I have nothing positive to contribute, I'll just keep my mouth shut. As evidenced above, posting pix of the manual and inserting comments about being "manually challenged" is meant for nothing but insulting others. I read plenty. The information I needed wasn't in there. Perhaps instead of "reading the manual", perhaps you could "read the question". Is there something about doing that that makes people feel super smart or insanely accomplished??? I don't get it.
  12. HeathDaddy

    Rig pic

    My "Studio". When I have a gig, i throw the Helix and L2T in gig bags and off I go.
  13. Is there a cheat sheet handy of which physical jacks are for each of the ASIO Helix 1-2, 3-4,...(etc) input AND outputs? I could wire it all up and figure it out, but I'm wondering if anyone has it listed. I searched...couldn't find it. Also, I'm assuming the Headphone output is the same ASIO 1-2 as the XLR outs and can't be separated. True? I have a headphone send created in Sonar but it looks like the same feed as the XLRs. I could just use the 1/4" outputs for monitoring into my speakers instead of the XLRs, but I'd like to use the XLRs for obvious reasons. My second thought was to keep monitoring through the XLRs and create a send to a pair of 1/4", but then I'd need a headphone amp. Kinda seems silly to need a headphone amp when the Helix already has one in it. Thanks!
  14. Good idea, although I'm thinking you used the L6 Link to connect, which would save a configuration. Can't do that with the Helix I believe. Thanks for the advice!
  15. Hey all, So, I'm in a basement with carpet. I have my Helix plugged into my L2T on the floor, kicked back as a floor monitor. HOWEVER, I prefer PA mode. I just find the tones of all other modes lacking for this environment. I find that the patches I've created on the Helix work extremely well on MANY different PA systems when the sound guy runs the EQ flat. I'd rather not mess with my Helix patches, and just use PA mode when I'm at home. It may not sound like a huge deal, but my space constraints force me to keep the L2T underneath a desk. I like it there. Works and sounds great. Trouble is, that every time I fire it up it automatically selects floor monitor mode, which mean I have to crawl on my hands and knees, tilt it back towards me, and re-select PA mode. It would be really handy to disable the auto-select so that it only changes when I want it to. Any ideas?
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