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  1. Ah... I use the Helix floorboard. And will probably hook monitors on it with the 1/4" outputs with balanced cables. I would like, in that case the studio monitors are setted up either, to separate the guitar sounds and send to the Friedman cab and the monitoringsound of the DAW to the studio monitors. Hope this is doable. I am quite new to the recording scene so wondering a lot. I have played in a cover band for 1,5 year with the Helix floorboard. Works really fine for me. Also hook up on the laptop to play along with guitar pro, favorite songs from youtube and that kind worked very well. And since this year I am more and more hook up the Helix with the DAW. Used it mostly for sending midi command from the laptop to the Digitech Whammy and use the Helix as controller to start or end the DAW. Since the holidays I would like to record a few songs and make music on another level than only learn and cover it. So I start to write my own songs. Just for fun. I have just only made one song but would like to produce a lot more on the next few weeks. I use Studio One 4 prime as DAW. I will probably buy in the future the professional version (full version) of it. And probably buy a midi-keyboard/controller which mostly become with other DAW-software (most of them with Ableton Live Lite). The music style I now record is sing-and-songwriter style (one-man-band). The style is eletropop/synth pop and rock. Something like the more eletronic songs of the band Muse. First song I recorded included vocals, guitar, bass (played on guitar with Digitech Whammy), midi controlled plug-in sounds which are included in Studio One like a synth and samples for the drums sounds. The vocals, guitar and bass I recorded with reamping mode on the Helix floorboard. I have a I have the ability to record also a digital piano but this goes also with usb. I think I will use this style of recording for a while which is also the main reason I think and hope that I only can use the Helix floorboard as audiointerface. Do you have some advice?
  2. I am new to studio recording and that gear so wondering a few things before buying new stuff. I have already made a few songs using the Helix as interface (USB) and play back/monitor it with a XLR-cable to a Friedman FRFR cab. I did the job for recording and playing guitar loud but I would also like to mix/master the songs more professionally. So I would like to have to hook up studio monitors in my setup. The only problem is that the Helix has only two XLR-outputs. For a studio setup I would like to use my Helix as interface (why buy a second interface if you have one?) for DAW and recording and play back/monitoring the sound on the studio monitors and optional on the Friedman FRFR cab. To recieve this I need three XLR-cablesbut was wondering what was possible with the AES/EBU output. Could I hook up the Friedman FRFR cab with a AES-cable and use the both XLR outputs with regular XLR-cables to hook up the studio monitors? Thanks for your advise.
  3. Sorry for pushing up an old topic but this one suits the best with mine question. I use the Helix like Dunedin Dragon says. But was wondering how to connect studio reference monitors on the setup too. I now use the "guitar Amp look-a-like" FRFR with XLR. But in a few cases - I play rock with distortion/fuzz - using distorted helix presets makes also sounds coming out the pc distorted like videos from YouTube or the song in the DAW. Not ideal for mixing up the final song with an unplugged guitar if helix still distorted the sounds. Any solutions for this problem?
  4. Maybe a stupid question but never used studio monitors before. I usually connect my laptop with Studio One 4 prime DAW via USB to the Helix and the Helix is connect via XLR to a Friedman FRFR guitar look a like cab. It works fine, everything played on the laptop is sound-displayed on the Friedman. I am also able to play over sounds coming of the laptop like music from YouTube. Great when I practice. But the sound of the laptop is mutated by the presets used in the Helix. If I use a lot of fuzz in a helix preset, the sound of the laptop will also get some distorted sound even if the guitar is fully volumes down. So this is for me not the option to produce music with the sounds through Helix on the Friedman. To solve this I would like to buy two studio monitors. Then I would like to send sounds from the DAW to the studio monitors to record and still use the Helix with FRFR to play and record guitar. Is this possible in Studio One 4? I use now the Helix as audio Asio interface and a Windows 10 laptop.
  5. The Helix is produced with a USB-A male (pc) and USB-B male (Helix). So, if I am correct, for a macbook I need an USB-C/Thunderbolt adapter to connect the USB-A to the macbook? Does this not make the recordering process slowly. Does this workaround cause latacy?
  6. The Windows laptop I used has died. So I was looking for something reliable and than considering an Apple Macbook. But I was wondering or I could connect the Helix floorboard with USB to the Macbook because Apple uses Thunderbolt connections. Does it works with the adapter that easily like on the normal USB ports? And does it works like recording and re-amping like in Windows?
  7. The shortboard has beside the stomp, delay, mod and reverb also function 1 and 2. Function 1 is compressor but what does function 2? And is there a way to set a bank preset under function 2? I play a lot on my tube amp using the effects of the Amplifi TT. So I use less the amp/cab models. Is it possible to setup function 2 with a preset where there are no amps/cabs only a few effects I use a lot?
  8. I own the Amplifi TT. Following the effects manual you can use the expression pedal from the fbv shortboard mkii as expression pedal to control the bender like a whammy. But how?
  9. I have both and I like it. For your information, I have added the amplifi TT in my effects chainring so I can still play at my tubeamplifier and use other effects. The shortboard I use as memorycontroller to use the effects made in the app without using the app. Only there is one thing. If playing songs with more effects there is no easy way to get of off all effects at the same time. Explained: When playing a song as Boulevard of broken dreams of Greenday there are four kind of effects. 1) intro with tremelo (used from Amplifi TT) 2. verse with clean (used from Marshall DSL) 3. chorus with distortion (also DSL) and 4, outro distortion (DSL) with phaser (TT). For this moment I made in the app 3 usersettings (25A. intro, 25B phaser, 25D DSL - selected no amp and cabinet ect.) I was wondering how to add 25D to function 2 so I don't need to move around in the banking searching for 25D. Anyone an idea?
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