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  1. FAchterberg

    Connecting Helix floorboard to Apple Macbook

    The Helix is produced with a USB-A male (pc) and USB-B male (Helix). So, if I am correct, for a macbook I need an USB-C/Thunderbolt adapter to connect the USB-A to the macbook? Does this not make the recordering process slowly. Does this workaround cause latacy?
  2. The Windows laptop I used has died. So I was looking for something reliable and than considering an Apple Macbook. But I was wondering or I could connect the Helix floorboard with USB to the Macbook because Apple uses Thunderbolt connections. Does it works with the adapter that easily like on the normal USB ports? And does it works like recording and re-amping like in Windows?
  3. FAchterberg

    Amplifi TT and FBV Shortboard MKII

    The shortboard has beside the stomp, delay, mod and reverb also function 1 and 2. Function 1 is compressor but what does function 2? And is there a way to set a bank preset under function 2? I play a lot on my tube amp using the effects of the Amplifi TT. So I use less the amp/cab models. Is it possible to setup function 2 with a preset where there are no amps/cabs only a few effects I use a lot?
  4. I own the Amplifi TT. Following the effects manual you can use the expression pedal from the fbv shortboard mkii as expression pedal to control the bender like a whammy. But how?
  5. I have both and I like it. For your information, I have added the amplifi TT in my effects chainring so I can still play at my tubeamplifier and use other effects. The shortboard I use as memorycontroller to use the effects made in the app without using the app. Only there is one thing. If playing songs with more effects there is no easy way to get of off all effects at the same time. Explained: When playing a song as Boulevard of broken dreams of Greenday there are four kind of effects. 1) intro with tremelo (used from Amplifi TT) 2. verse with clean (used from Marshall DSL) 3. chorus with distortion (also DSL) and 4, outro distortion (DSL) with phaser (TT). For this moment I made in the app 3 usersettings (25A. intro, 25B phaser, 25D DSL - selected no amp and cabinet ect.) I was wondering how to add 25D to function 2 so I don't need to move around in the banking searching for 25D. Anyone an idea?